Discovering Another Immigrating Ancestor




Of the eleven children in my twice great grandfather’s family, eight of them immigrated to the United States. Also, one grandchild and after Diedrich Förtmeier’s death, so did his wife, Ilsa Dorothea Georges, my twice great grandmother. Friedrich Wilhelm FöRTMEIER 
b. 21.02.1798 in Loccum
d. 24.05.1861 in Bohnhorst


Konfession: EV   (Confession)                                                          Immigrated to Cincinnati
geboren: ?      (born)                                                                         Stayed in Germany
Alter: 63J        (older)                                                                        Destination Unknown
gestorben: ?   (died)                                                                         Immigrated to Louisville
begraben: 29.05.1861 in Lavelsloh (buried)
Beruf: Schullehrer (Job: Teacher)


Familien (families)

Kinder (children)

(1st spouse) Dorothea GEORGES
b. 1800 in Negenborn
d. 1864  in  Cincinnati Luise FöRTMEIER                 b. 1826 in Essern  d. 1881     Louisville, KY Mathilde FöRTMEIER                b. 1828 in Essern, d. 1854     Germany Eduard FöRTMEIER                   b. 1830 in Essern, d. 1851     Cincinnati, OH Adolph FöRTMEIER                b. 1832 in Essern  d. 1893     Cincinnati, OH Wilhelm FöRTMEIER                      b. 1834 in Essern  d. 1907     Cincinnati, OH Louise Bertha FöRTMEIER        b. 1837 in Bohnhorst d. 1894 Northern Kentucky Bertha FöRTMEIER              b. 1839 in Bohnhorst d. 1904 Cincinnati, OH Heinrich FöRTMEIER                     b. 1841 in Bohnhorst d. 1912 Cincinnati, OH Caroline Sophie FöRTMEIER      b. 1843 in Bohnhorst, d. 1843 Bohnhorst, Germany Friederike FöRTMEIER              b. 1844 in Bohnhorst, d. 1847 Bohnhorst, Germany Louis FöRTMEIER                          b. 1849 in Bohnhorst, d. 1914 Cincinnati, OH



Eltern (parents)

Geschwister (siblings)

(father) Friedrich FöRTMEIER
b. 1775 in Loccum

Keine Geschwister gefunden!
(No siblings found!)                        My thrice great grandfather

                                                       and grandmother…

Also Immigrated to Cincinnati:

Georg Heinrich FöRTMEIER b. 1850 d. 1877 Died of TB

Georg was the illegitimate son of Dorothee Luise FöRTMEIER

(mother) Elisabeth MELL
b. 1779 in Loccum
d. 1854 in Bohnhorst




       Luise FöRTMEIER              m. Johann Adam Pfannmoeller 1855 in Louisville

              Dorothee Luise FöRTMEIER        Mathilde FöRTMEIER             m. Unknown and stayed in Bohnhorst, Germany d. 1854 at 26 years old Eduard FöRTMEIER                b. 1830 in Essern  Arrives in Cincinnati in 1846 - Dies of pneumonia in 1851

            Adolph FöRTMEIER             m1. Elizabeth Kirchoff   m2. Clara Konnersman  in Cincinnati  Wilhelm FöRTMEIER                   m. Emily Catherine “Amelia” Bultman in Cincinnati (William Charles Foertmeyer) Louise Bertha FöRTMEIER     m. Stephan Wagner in Cincinnati Bertha FöRTMEIER           m. Hermann Reum in Cincinnati (pronounced roym)    Heinrich FöRTMEIER                  m. Rosa Rentz in Cincinnati          Caroline Sophie FöRTMEIER   d. in infancy or stillborn 1843 Friederike FöRTMEIER           d. a child 1844-1847 Louis FöRTMEIER                       m. Marie S. Mente in Cincinnati (these are my great grandparents)








Dorothea and Emma arrived in New Orleans  in 1851 on the Olbers.

Carl and Bertha arrived in 1856 on the President Smidt.

Adolph, Doris, Georg, and Louis arrived 1861 on the Hammonia.


What's this mean? George was born to Dorothea in 1850. In 1851 Dorothea went to America without her baby Georg. She must have left him with Doris (his grandmother) to raise.


Strange... When Georg did come in 1861 Dorothea was already married to Johann Pfannmoeller (1855) and living in Louisville. Emma, who had traveled with her, married Stephan Wagner in 1860. The 1870 census shows Georg living with Louis and Emil Mente in Emma's home in Cincinnati. Georg was now 20. Georg died in 1877 from TB after his wife gave birth to Lillian Foertmeyer in 1876. We can surmise then that he married between 1870 and 1876. Prior to 1864 Georg probably stayed with his grandmother Doris. She passed in 1864.


This begs the question, why wasn't he reunited with his mother in Louisville?