Philip Dowe Williams
Carrie Foertmeyer's Uncle by Marriage
1885 - 1976
Helen Evans Williams
Carrie Foertmeyer's Aunt
1886 - 1970

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William Adolphus Foertmeyer
1888 - 1961
Nelle Mae Stangle Foertmeyer
1893 - 1997

Nelle Mae Stangle Foertmeyer

Nelle Stangle Foertmeyer 1917

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Charles Henry Wagner
1865 - 1949
Son of Steffan and Emma Foertmeyer Wagner

Evergreen Cemetery Southgate, Kentucky
Section 55 Lot 74 S 1/2 
Owners: Berz S. & Lois Strohm Wagner
1. Richard Charles Wagner      (14)  28 Mar 1945
2. Charles H. Wagner           (83)  29 Jun 1949
3. Bernice Ruth Whaley Wagner        22 Nov 1966
4. Lois Strohm Wagner                25 Oct 1968
5. Berz Stephen Wagner                      1991

Hannah Imwalle Wagner
1878 - 1946
Mother of God Cemetery
Latonia, Kentucky

Charles H. Wagner
1866 - 1949
Evergreen Cemetery
Southgate, Kentucky

Berzelius Stephen Wagner
Son of Charles H. Wagner
1899 - 1991

An older Hannah Imwalle Wagner
Wife of Charles H. Wagner
1878 - 1946
Hannah Imwalle Wagner is buried in Mother of God Cemetery in Latonia, Kentucky 2701 Latonia Avenue Covington, KY 41015

This is where she is buried, with her parents and her uncle, Dr. C. Imwalle. Her parents were Bernard (1842-1931) and Johanna Boedeker Imwalle (1853-1917). Mother of God Cemetery, Section 8, Lot 925.
      Stephen Wagner  1835-1873
      Emma Foertmeyer 1837-1894

                   1) William S. Wagner     1861-1907

                   2) Adolphus Henry Wagner 1863-1945
                      m. Mary Louisa Wunder 1866-1964
                                         2i) Clifford A. Wagner       1895-1968
                                             3m. Mary M. Anderson     1926-2009

                                        2ii) Richard Stephen Wagner   1898-1980
                                             m. Irma Wagner           1899-1979


                                        2iii)Robert Hartley Wagner    1902-1980 
                                             m1 Dorothy K. Rattleman  xxxx-xxxx                                     
                                             m2 Nancy Ellen Dick      xxxx-xxxx 
                                                                2ii1) Robert Wagner Jr.           1945-2004

                                                                2ii2) Richard George Wagner       1946-xxxx
                                                                      m. Nancy Viola Ryan
                                                                            2ii2a) Tina Marie Wagner             1966-xxxx
                                                                                   m. Timothy R. Diss            xxxx-xxxx        

                                                                                                    2ii2a1) Angela Diss           1988-xxxx
                                                                                                    2ii2a2) Abigail Diss          1991-xxxx
                                                                                                    2ii2a3) Emily Diss            1993-xxxx
                                            m3 Ruth Louise Turner    xxxx-xxxx


                                                                2ii3) David William Wagner        1960-xxxx
                                                                      m1 Theresa Cassavaugh       xxxx-xxxx         
                                                                            2ii3a) Beatrice Wagner               1978-xxxx
                                                                            2ii3b) David Wagner Jr.              1980-xxxx   
                                                                      m2  Therisa Charles         xxxx-xxxx                    
                                                                            2ii3c) Kimberly Wagner               1997-xxxx
                   3) Charles H. Wagner     1866-1949
                      m. Hannah Immwalle    1878-1946

                                        3i)  Berz Stephen Wagner      1899-1991
                                             m. 1927 Lois Strohm      1907-1968  
                                                     3i1) Berz Clifford Wagner        1929-xxxx
                                                          m1 1951 Bernice Ruth Whaley 1931-1966 
                                                          m2 1971 Patricia Steffen 
                                                               3i1a) Berz William Wagner            1950-xxxx
                                                                     m. 1974 Louise Burton Yellman  1952-xxxx 

                                                                                3i1a1) Berz Jeffrey Wagner   1978-xxxx
                                                                                       m. Molly Krebs Wagner

                                                                                               3i1a1a) Berz Cameron Wagner  2009 
                                                                                               3i1a1b) Anne Marie Wagner    2012
                                                                                3i1a2) Kristen Louise Wagner 1980-xxxx
                                                                                       m. Michael M. Clarke

                                                                                               3i1a2a) Samuel Wagner Clarke 2007
                                                                                               3i1a2b) Ellen Louise Clarke  2009

                                                               3i1b) Cynthia Wagner                  1952-xxxx 
                                                                     m. James Sims
                                                                                3i1b1) Erin Sims             1985-xxxx
                                                                                3i1b2) Melissa Sims          1983-xxxx

                                                               3i1c) Charles Bradley Wagner          1955-xxxx
                                                                     m. 1986 Sandra Troy

                                                                                3i1c1) Jesse Wagner           1992-xxxx
                                                                                3i1c2) Casie Wagner           1986-xxxx
                                                                                3i1c3) Ryan Wagner            1982-xxxx

                                                               3i1d) David Bailey Wagner             1964-xxxx
                                                                     m. 1996 Mary Nies

                                                                            3i1e) Janice Lee Wagner           1971-xxxx

                                                     3i2) Richard Charles Wagner       1931-1945
                                                          accidental shooting

                                                     3i3) William Stephen Wagner       1936-xxxx
                                                          m. Barbara Lynn Taylor       1940-xxxx

                                                               3i3a) Cara Martin Wagner             1968-xxxx
                                                                     m. 1992 James Kelly Clark      1969-xxxx
                                                                            3i3a1) Hayden Clark               1996-xxxx
                                                                            3i3a2) Madelyn Clark              1994-xxxx

                                                               3i3b) Stephen Taylor Wagner          1970-c.2002

                                                               3i3c) Kimberly Lynn Wagner           1974-2015 
                                                                     m. 1992 Russell Youtsey        1973-xxxx

                                                                            3i3c1) Dalton Jay Youtsey         1993-xxxx

                                                                                 Kimberly Lynn Wagner Youtsey - Cancer

                                         3ii) Charles Wagner       1903-1941 [suicide]
                                              m. Virginia Trimble  1904-1952
                   4) Bertha D. Wagner    1807-1895                     Charles Wagner, Jr.
                   5) Edwin Wagner        1869-1873
                   6) H.A. Wagner         1872-1873

Charles Wagner. Jr. (3ii) was married to and buried with
Virginia Trimble in her family's Highland Cemetery plot
(Section 8, Lot 60).

Richard Stephen Wagner's WWI Draft Registration

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