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Joan Elizabeth Knoblaugh Yount
1930 - 2003

Alan Reed Yount
1957 - 1988

Reed Yount
1930 - 1996
Joan's Children's Father
Spring Grove Section 132 Lot 615

Armand and Marie Knoblaugh's Daughter
(see Spring Grove)
Joan Elizabeth Knoblaugh Yount (Mother)

Alan Reed Yount (Son)
Cathy Yount Anderson (Daughter)

Reed Yount (Father)
Included here as he was Father to Alan


Laid to rest here in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Section 11 Lot 342, are Mary and Frances Weirick. Although they were not related to our family they were always present when I was a child. They went on vacations with us, visited at our home, and we loved them like our own. Both Mary and Frances were single, never married, and spent their lives in the department store industry; Shillitos, Pogues, and Woolworths to name three I know of. I believe it was at Shillitos where Mary met my grandmother Ruth Driskell and they became lifelong friends. I have not yet found where "Grandma" Anna Weirick or her husband Sylvester are buried, but I hope to find them as well.

Mary Weirick
1906 - 1995

Frances Weirick
1903 - 1964

"Grandma" Anna Weirick

Mary and Frances Weirick
Mary(left) Frances (2nd from right)

3926 Elsmere Avenue - Norwood
Family Home

5808 Ridge Avenue - Pleasant Ridge
Mary's home (1985) after the accident

Accident on US41 in Marietta, Georgia
Francis killed June 5, 1964

Frances Weirick & Ruth Driskell - 1950

Accident on US41 in Marietta, Georgia
Francis killed June 5, 1964

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