Although George and Lillian Guese were not relatives, they were absolutely part of the family. They were my grandparent's best friends (Charles George and Blanche Foertmeyer), as well as my grandfather's drug store manager and later the owner. George arrived in Cincinnati, from Germany, in 1888. He and Lillian married in 1896 in Hamilton County, Ohio. To them was born in 1897, Hilda, who unfortunately passed away in 1899. They had a second daughter, Lilly, in 1907 who lived until 1978. Lilly first married Francis Charles Riester and in 1936 or 1937 settled in at 1050 Parkson Place right next door to her parents, George and Lillian Guese. In 1950, Francis died of a coronary thrombosis. Next she married Lawrence Otto Barwald, continuing to live at 1050 Parkson Place in Price Hill. Lilly passed in 1978 and was put to rest in Walnut Hills Cemetery, next to her first husband and in close proximity to her parents. Lawrence Barwald is buried in Valparaiso, Indiana. There were no children born of either of these two marriages that I am aware of. There is more about all this below.

Lillian and George Guese

Behind the Counter

George Guese

1045 Parkson Place, Price Hill
The Guese Home from 1911 until Lillian's death in 1970.

Francis & Lillian Riester 1936 - 1950
Lawrence & Lillian Riester Barwald 195x - 1978

Interior of Foertmeyer Pharmacy

Exterior of Foertmeyer Pharmacy

"Trouble in River City"

My dad (Charles H. Foertmeyer MD) taking a pic of George
outside the store

Hilda Guese Birth

Hilda_Guese Death at 1yr. 9mos. - intestinal catarrh

George, Lilly, and Hilda Guese

Lilly Guese's Mother
[Joseph Mahler was her father]
Still looking for his grave

Johanah Hull, Lilly's Aunt, Barbara's Twin

Lilly's Younger Brother

Walnut Hills Cemetery
3117 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Lillian Guese Riester Barwald
1907 - 1978

Francis Charles Riester
Lillians First Husband
1906 - 1950

The Confusing Man – Lawrence Otto Barwald 1909 – Born Joliet, IL 1920 – Grandparent’s home Joliet, IL 1930 – Married to Edna Achterberg – Lives with her parents 1935 – Larry & Edna living at [1200?] N. Hickory Street in Joliet. Cannot find a 1200 N. Hickory St. in Joliet, but maybe there is room for one next to 1202. Maybe it burned. 1940 – Still living with the Achterbergs but now showing a ten year old daughter named Virginia. 1942 – Still in Joliet with Edna and Virginia and now their address is 1000 N. Hickory Street, which does exist 1943 – Lawrence in the Navy [WWII] 1944 – Lawrence in the Navy [WWII] 1945 – Lawrence in the Navy [WWII] 1949 – Finds Larry still in Joliet, but now married to wife number two, Bertha C. Barwald. 1950 – Finds Larry still in Joliet, but now married to wife number two, Bertha C. Barwald. 1950 – Lillian Guese Riester’s husband, Francis Charles Riester dies at age 44. 1951 – Lawrence back in the Navy [Recalled for Korean War?] 1952 – Lawrence back in the Navy [Recalled for Korean War?] About this time Lawrence and Lillian Riester marry [wife #3] and Lawrence moves into her home at 1050 Parkson Place, next door to her parents, George and Lillian Guese. They have lived at 1045 since 1911. I hope to put a date to these events in the future. 1978 – Lawarence Otto Barwald marries Anna L. Prine, wife number four, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is just 3 months after Lillian’s death. The marriage lasts only two years, until 1980, and it stated that Anna Prine had won her complaint of Gross Neglect of Duty. As stated in the 1980 divorce decree, confirming all the above, this had been Larry’s fourth marriage. In 1980, Larry transferred the Parkson Place home to Anna, and in the same year transferred it back to himself again. 1985 – Lawrence O. Barwald died. At this point I’m not sure what happened, but come 1993, his executrix, Virginia M. Ogden [who may well have been his daughter] transferred the Parkson Place property over to Anna Louise Prine pursuant to a court order. This transfer included three pieces of property at the same location, one of which was used as a private drive over to Grand Avenue. Sometime after 1942, Edna Achterberg Barwald remarried to a man named Earl Lawrence Buttles, whom she lived with until 1955 when he died. What became of that I have no idea, but in 1985 Lawrence O. Barwald was buried in Graceland Memorial Park in Valparaiso, Indiana. How this came to be I have no idea, unless it was that Virginia wanted her parents buried together and took the necessary measures to bring that about, as Edna Achterberg Barwald Buttles was indeed laid to rest next to Lawrence Barwald. Name: Edna M. Buttles Birth Date: 1 Feb 1910 Death Date: 1 May 2006 Cemetery: Graceland Memorial Park Burial or Cremation Place: Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana, USA Name: Lawrence Barwald SSN: 327-09-4517 Last Residence: 46383 Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA BORN: 07 Dec 1909 Died: 23 Jun 1985

Lawrence Barwald and his first of four wives, Edna Achterberg.

Earl Lawrence Buttles, second Of Edna Achterberg husbands.

Lillian Guese and daughter, Lillian Riester Barwald

Francis Riester and Lillian Guese Riester