Lillian Elizabeth Foertmeyer Guinn Baum
Daughter of Georg Heinrich Foertmeyer

After her father's death from "consumption" in 1877 while Lillian was an infant, she lived with her mother, Henrietta Fike Foertmeyer for several years until Henrietta remarried a John J. Clegg, president of Clegg, Goeser, McFee & Co. engraving, located on the fifth floor of the Carlisle Building on the SW corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets.

Cremated and Interred Together

Lillian Elizabeth Foertmeyer Guinn Baum
10-13-1876 ~ 11/06/1951

Clegg Guinn [son] 12/25/1903 ~ 09/28/1964

Marie Guinn [daughter-in-law] 10/31/1892 ~ 06/1968

Richard Hamilton Guinn [son]
07/04/1906 ~ 09/11/1968



I did a search for John J Clegg and found this article about the will of his business partner, August Goeser, being divided between several people, including John  J. Clegg, Fannie C. Zimmerman, and Lillian E. Guinn:



Excerpt from  02-17-1912 Cincinnati Enquirer

      So I began looking for Lillian Guinn and found her in Oklahoma in the 1910 and 1920
      Censuses with a son named “Clegg” Guinn. Now I knew I was onto something.

New information for future reference, as you will see, Garland "Baum" in 1920

1920 Stillwater Home - 302 Maple

Below is the relationship to our missing cousin:

			Doris Georg Förtmeier

Dorothee Förtmeier    		sibs		Louis C. Foertmeyer
Georg H. Foertmeyer		1st		Charles G. Foertmeyer
Lillian E. Foertmeyer		2nd		Charles H. Foertmeyer II
Clegg Guinn			3rd		Charles H. Foertmeyer III

(Clegg Guinn would be my third cousin - Charles H. Foertmeyer III) California Death Index Name: Clegg C Guinn Gender: Male Birth Date: 25 Dec 1903 Birth Place: Oklahoma Death Date: 28 Sep 1964 Death Place: San Joaquin Mother's Maiden Name: Fortmeie

Clegg and Marie Guinn's Apartment Building

The information above is the current thinking as to whatever became of Lillian Foertmeyer Guinn. I believe Lillian and Clegg went to California with someone named Baum, whom Lillian married. The information in the above California Death Index is in complete** agreement with the 1900 Federal Census information also shown above.

**The mother's maiden name does not match however, which might have been a mistake by someone providing eronious information. We know her maiden name to be Fike.

      In researching Lillian’s former husband, the father of her child, Clegg Guinn, we have discovered
      that he was a doctor, he remarried a lady named Viola and they subsequently, in 1930, had a baby
      daughter named Edwardene.  In 1940 they were all still together in Oklahoma.

John J Clegg home at 2223 Ohio

Frances Zimmerman home in 1905 at 2340 Ohio

Last home of Francis Zimmerman
3901 Floral Avenue, Norwood, OH

Edward is listed as having lived in 1902 and 1903 in the left side of this two family home at 2223 Ohio Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.  2223 Ohio Avenue was the family home of Lillian Foertmeyer, living there with her mother Henrietta Clegg and her Stepfather John J. Clegg. Perhaps he was a boarder, which was common then, or perhaps he had already married Lillian by then. What is known is that their first child, was born in Oklahoma on December 25, 1903, and Edward is no longer listed living there at 2223 Ohio come 1904.


      Edward’s draft registration from 1918 listing his closest relative as his son,  Clegg Guinn,
      indicating that he had probably already separated from Lillian by then. The 1910 and 1920 US Censuses
      seem to bear this out. 

Now it is time to put some pieces together; speculate. Below are two articles from the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. Look them over and I will then discuss them with the reader.

What we have above is an article from 1902 stating that Fannie Clegg has eloped with Charles Zimmerman. Funny though that her brother (whom I cannot find a record of) says that it was a medical student that was paying so much attention to her and it did not seem like Mr. Zimmerman was of much interest to Fannie. Now, there was indeed a medical student living next door (same physical building above) named Edward Guinn. Could this be the medical student the article refers to? Fast forward to 1903, and we find our medical student, Edward Guinn marrying Fannie's half-sister, Lillian Foertmeyer, and whisking her a way to Oklahoma. Was this another elopement? Whether it was or not, was Fannie's alleged interest in "a medical student" all part of a very well thought out plan to throw suspician away from Mr. Zimmerman? Did these four young people concoct this plan together? It is easy to see why Fannie and Charles would go first, as the second article clearly shows that Edwin graduated from medical college in 1903. They would have, by necessity, have had to wait.

Speculation? Yes, but an interesting and plausible theory. While we are discussing theories, my sister, Gayle Foertmeyer Putt, has her own theory, as written below:

"Having found the marriage licenses for half sisters, Lillian Foertmeyer and Frances Clegg, it was interesting to compare them to the newspaper article regarding the elopement of Frances.

The article stated that Frances had had a relationship with a medical student and seemed to have little interest in Charles Zimmerman. That begs the question…then why did she marry him? We know that the medical student was Edward Guinn who shared the 2 family home with the Cleggs. Charles was a neighbor and no doubt knew the girls for some time.

The marriage licenses show that Lillian Foertmeyer, the older sister, married Edward Guinn in May of 1901. Frances married (eloped) with Mr. Zimmerman in December of 1901. If the informant who stated in the newspaper article that Frances was seeing Edward Guinn was correct then it is my theory that Frances was upset that her older sister married her boyfriend. It could be that Charles truly cared for Frances, and when her chances with his rival, Mr. Guinn, were dashed, he tried to win her affections. Perhaps she then started seeing Zimmerman and married him on the rebound or out of spite. This is purely conjecture."

In the matter of figuring out the makeup of the family unit, I found four cards which help. First, who is in the family plot? Here they are: John Joseph Clegg (father), Henrietta Clegg (mother), Fannie Clegg Zimmerman (daughter), Ruth Zimmerman (Fannie's daughter), Infant Clegg (stillborn twin of Fannie), Leroy Clegg (deceased at eight months son), Charles Zimmerman (Fannie's husband), and George Foertmeyer (Henrietta's first husband and father to Lillian Foertmeyer Guinn). The other three people in the plot were friends of the family.

Death card of Leroy - notice date

Interment card for Aldine Clegg, however, all information matches perfectly that for Leroy. Are they one in the same?

Birth card for Fannie Clegg Zimmerman

Interment card for Infant Clegg. Notice date and address. Very likely the stillborn twin of Fannie
Although we don't know at this time where Lillian Foertmeyer Guinn was after 1920, further information from available cards shows us that her half-sister Frances was home in Cincinnati, going through a period of hell. The cards below reveal first that in early May, 1921 her father John was killed in an auto accident. Then, in September of 1922 her husband dies from appendicitis. Two tragedies to be followed by a third, as in November of 1923 her mother gets ill and dies of bronchitis. Did Lillian come home for any of these occasions? Was Lillian still alive? Perhaps the Oklahoma Historical Society will come up with that answer.

May 8, 1921

Above is a diagram of the Clegg plot. I have never seen so much moving around of bodies as in the case of the Clegg plot. I have attempted to make some sense of it all in the chart, but truthfully, except for George Foertmeyer, I don't really understand it either.

Lillian Foertmeyer Guinn has been found!

Born: October 13, 1876 in Hamilton County, Ohio Died: November 6, 1951 in Los Angeles, California
Lillian Elizabeth Baum 801 S. Beacon Street Los Angeles, California
Below is Lillian's Death Certificate:

As can be seen on the certificate, her father's name is correct, the informant fits as her son Clegg's wife. There is still the issue of the mother's maiden name being Boyer, and her husband's name is not listed.

Subsequent to the above we discovered Lillian's second husband's name was Garland H. Baum,
BUT there are questions surrounding this "marriage".


August 21, 2014

Today I found the marriage license applications for both Lillian Foertmeyer (Clegg) and Frances Clegg.


September 18, 2014

I have just discovered that after attending Oklahoma A&M in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Garland attended from 1918 to 1919, Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri. Why? From his records below, he attended only one year. Some of his teachers described him as perhaps "difficult" and "tough". Maybe he was sent here by his father, a doctor in Savannah, Oklahoma. Speculation...


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