We start our voyage into the past with Johann and Theresia Bürge, Swiss immigrants who settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Johann was born in 1823 and lived until 1876. Theresia was born in 1829 and lived into 1883. One child of theirs was Theresia (1839-1897) who married immigrant Konstantin Keller (1824-1876) and to them was born Theresa Keller (1862-1947). Theresa married a young man named Joseph Leicht [1st] (1836-1884).

At this point we have a break in the chain when Joseph Leicht's [1st] son, Joseph Leicht [2nd] marries Ida T. Butz (1880-1912). Ida died young in 1912, opening the door for Joseph [2nd] to marry a girl named Emma Wagner (1894-1978). Emma is a descendant of the chain of persons beginning with Dietrich Förtmeier/Doris Georges, Emma Förtmeier/Steffan Wagner, and Adolphus Wagner/Mary Wunder, Adolphus and Mary being the parents of Emma Wagner.

I believe you will find this information more clearly shown on the diagram to follow, for this is the beginning of the Leicht Family in Cincinnati.


- Maternal Side carries the Boone Gene       - Paternal Side carries the Boone Gene

Dietrich Förtmeier
Ilsa Doris Georges
Johann Bürge
Theresia Bürger I
Sophia Christine Meinhardt
Mary Isaacs Mays
Jiles Mays
Sarah Celia Newman
Ancil Daniel Estes
To continue from Sarah Celia Newman move to the the next chart.
Emma Förtmeier
Steffan Wagner
Theresia Bürge II
Konstantin Keller I
Note 1
Johann Leurck
Katarina Leurck
Franz Ott
Aline Meinhardt
Conrad Steinhilber
Pauline Volz
Conrad Steinhilber
Brother of Mary Ott 1868-1946
Robert Frisby
[copper miner]
Dora Elliot
Margaret Mays
Robert Arberry Estes
Mary Wunder
Adolphus Wagner
Theresa Keller M1
1862-1947 ***   Note 2
Joseph Leicht I
Baby George A. Leicht
[1 year 10 months]
Mathilda Keller
[sister to Theresa]
Peter J. Kramschuster
Mary Leurck
Herman Hoffstedder
Alfred Ott
Mary Steinhilber
Walker Cornett
Sarah Newman
[103 years old]
James Frisby
[coal miner]
Mollie Estes
Joseph Leicht II
Ida T. Butz M1
Emma Wagner M2
Brothers of Mathilda:
August Keller
Constant Keller

Children of Mathilda:
Louisa Kramschuster
August Kramschuster
Bernard Leurck
Laura Ott Leurck
Flora Frisby
Chester Cornett
Robert W Leicht
Opal D. Wesson
Theresa Meineke
Rose Meineke
Valentin Schonder
Geneva Cornett
Raymond Leurck
Robert W. Leicht II
Linda Leurck
Christopher Leicht
1973- Jennifer Tritschler M1
Christopher Leicht
Michelle (Chetwood)
M2 1974-
Nicholas Leicht
Garrett Leicht
Theresa Keller M2 1862-1947
Henry Vornhagen
Married Nov. 06, 1902
d. Mar. 10, 1912
Note 1: Arrived in U.S. 21 Apr 1854 aboard the ship “Caesar” - Antwerp to New York –
Note 2: Arrived in U.S. 24 Aug 1854 aboard the ship ”Adams” – to New York – Switzerland – Appeared to be traveling alone

Rebecca Ann Bryan
Lavina Boone
Joseph Peter Scholl
Further Evidence:
Burial per the transcription by: J. E. Combs, James Cornett, Thomas Cornett, & Mark Edwards
Date: 02/22/2006
Leah Scholl
John Newman [Newnam]

Note: Historically, the correct spelling is NEWNAM
Sarah Celia Newman
Ancil Daniel Estes

The Ship Adams passenger list from 24 Aug 1854 showing Joseph Leicht as a passenger bound from LaHarve to New York City. He is 18 years old.

Wedding Bann for Joseph Leicht and Theresa Keller 26 Feb 1884. Joseph would die less than a year later,

The 1870 US Census shows Joseph Leicht living at City Hospital and working there as a baker. The hospital was located on four acres between Plum and Central Avenues and 12th and Ann Streets. It is pictured below.

Joseph Leicht cemetery card for St. John's Cemetery - St. Bernard. As can be seen on the death record card to the right, his cause of death was listed as "Insolation". Insolation is the extreme overexposure to the sun, or in other words, heat stroke.

Hamilton County Death Record Card for Joseph Leicht. The name has been erased and then re-typed incorrectly. However, the date of death, July 24, 1884, does match the funeral date on the cemetery card. Other mistakes are his age and his country of origin. He was Swiss, not German and he was 48, not 24. Then again, the cemetery of record matches.

Saint John's Cemetery in Saint Bernard

It would appear, from Hamilton County records, that a baby was born to Theresa Leicht fives months after Joseph's death. I have as yet found concrete proof that this baby George is a son of our Leicht family, but the parent's names and time frame do match.

This Hamilton County Death Record Card for George A. Leicht would suggest that baby George lived only one year, ten months, and nine days before passing away from Membranous Croup.

Saint Mary's Cemetery in Saint Bernard. The little tree stump marker to the right is probably for George A. Leicht. I have written to the cemetery for a plot map to see for sure if this is grave space 1. It is located at the beginning of a straight line of his relatives.

After a visit to St. Mary I found that the lot I was seeking contained the sister of Theresia Keller Leicht, making it almost certain that Baby George is Joseph Leicht's son.

St. Mary Cemetery in Saint Bernard - Section 2 Lot 395

What we know here is that Mathilda was Theresa Keller's sister who married Peter Kramschuster. We know that two of her brothers are buried here as well, August and Constantine Keller. We assume that George A. Leicht is Teresa and Joseph Leicht's baby. We assume that Louisa Kramschuster was Mathilda's daughter. As to the Meinekes, Valantin Schonder, and Mary Pleetz, we do not at this time know if they were family or friends, but that is not within the purview of this project. I did however, discover that Valentin Schonder arrived in the States in 1881 at the age of sixteen and enjoyed only six years here before his death at twenty-one in 1887. His will states that the executrix of his will shall be Elizabeth Schonder, so was he married? I have found no evidence of it yet.

                      Obituary Notice 

Our dearly beloved  son and brother  died on  Tuesday, March 
22nd at 9 p.m. 

                     Valentin Schonder 

at  the age of  21. The  funeral  will take  place on Friday 
25 March at 8.45 a.m. from the funeral home, Ro. 158 Liberty 
Street, to  which  friends  and  acquaintances are cordially 
invited  by the bereaved. Rest  gently you faithful soul God 
rest thee  the heavens, in those bright, holy heights, we'll 
see you there again.
Okay, so we left Joseph Leicht I working at the City Hospital as a baker. This was in 1870 Cincinnati, before he married Theresa Keller in 1884. As mentioned above, Joseph would pass away less than a year after his marriage. But, I am having trouble with validating the date pertaining to Joseph I and Joseph II:
                              Theresa Keller         Theresa was 26 years
                              1862-1947              younger than Joseph.
                              Married in 1884        She was 22 and he 48.
                              Joseph Leicht I             
                              1836-1884              "Their" son born 3 years 
                                                      before their marriage
                              Joseph Leicht II    

For some reason I'm thinking there may have been a first marriage for Joseph Leicht from which Joseph Leicht II was born three years before the marriage of Joseph I to Theresa Keller. I have yet to find it though, if it existed. But, that was in the mid-1800s and this is 2018. Things were very different back then.
Joseph Leicht II

We join Joseph Leicht II in 1900 where he is at that time living in the Pinar del Rio Barracks in Cuba. Joseph was a veteran of the Spanish American War.
Joseph Leicht II

Joseph Leicht's Burial Card showing the end of his life in 1952, but now we will turn our attention to what lay between 1881 and 1952 for Mr. Leicht.

In 1902 Joseph marries Ida Butz, but the marriage is short lived as you see from the card to the right, which shows Ida's death just shy of ten years later.

1900 Federal Census

1910 Federal Census

Joseph Leicht II Wed 1912

1920 Federal Census

1930 Federal Census

1940 Federal Census

1942 "Old Man's Draft"
After the United States  entered  World War II, a new  Selective  Service
Act required  that all men  between  the ages  of 18 and 64  register for 
the draft. The  Fourth Registration, or Old Man’s Registration, was  held 
on  April 27, 1942.  The  purpose  of  this  registration  was to collect 
information  on the industrial  capacity  and skills of men who were born 
between April 27, 1877 and February 16, 1897 (ages 45 to 64). It  was not 
intended that these men be drafted into military service but to determine 
if their labor skills could be used in  the war effort. The  registration 
would provide a  complete inventory of  manpower resources in  the United 
States. The men had to fill out an extensive questionnaire, but unfortun-
ately, the questionnaires have not survived.

Many of  the registration  cards  have survived, however. Each  record has 
two  pages. The  first page  has the  individual’s name, birth date, birth 
place,  contact name etc. The  second  page is  similar  to the  WWI draft 
registration,  with  physical  description:  race,  height,  weight,  hair  
color, eye  color, complexion,  and  identifying  characteristics such  as 
scars or burn marks. This  information  can provide a mental  picture even 
if photographs of the individual don’t exist.
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Joseph Leicht II Burial

Emma Wagner Leicht Obit
June 2, 1978