Dorothee "Doretta" Luise Förtmeier Pfannmoeller
May 19, 1826 - April 8, 1881

Daughter and Eldest Child of
Dietrich Friederich Förtmeier
and Ilsa Dorothea Georges


Johann Adolph "Adam" Pfannmoeller
August 6, 1823 - June 25, 1863

April 29, 1855
St. Peters Evangelical Church
Louisville, Kentucky

Dorette is buried in the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky
Section A Range 71 Grave 5
Johann is presently unaccounted for

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Although we have been unable to determine where Adam is burried, 
we do know that Dorothee is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery
in Louisville, Kentucky. With the help of Mr. Samuel Rugg, at 
Cave Hill, we were able to locate Dorothee's unmarked grave.

Cave Hill Cemetery - Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

Section A, Range 71, Grave 5-A Dorothee Foertmeyer Pfannmoeller

Grave 3-A   -   Engelhard, Bertha         -   02/23/1895
Grave 4-A   -   Marsh, Jennie Drown       -   03/27/1881
Grave 5-A   -   Pfammoeller, D. F. Mrs.   -   04/10/1881
Grave 6-A   -   Lighter, Elizabeth C.     -   04/19/1881
Grave 7-A   -   Miller, Archie C.         -   01/05/1891

Section A Range 71

Graves 5, 6, and 7

Archie Miller Headstone used to correctly locate Dorothee

In trying to pinpoint what happened to Johann Adolph "Adam" Pfannmoeller we located the following:

1) He was present in Louisville, Kentucky on the 1860 U.S. Census, so he was alive on June 20, 1860 
   when his house was visited.

2) His youngest child, Edward, was born on November 21, 1862, so Adolph was alive in early 1862 when the boy
   was conceived.

3) In the 1865 Louisville City Directory, Dorette is listed as a widow, so Adolph must have died
   between March (or so) 1862, and when the directory information was gathered, probably in late 1864. 

   Speculation: Died in the Civil War? We can find no record of his participation in the war.

              I have come to learn through church records that Johann Adam Pfannmoeller  died on June 25, 1863. 
              It is still unknown as to the cause of his early death, or where he is buried. The fourth entry on the
              page below is the entry listing Adam Pfannmoeller's death.


              Here is the translation of the above death record, as provided by Manfred Raker:

              "Pfannmüller, Johann Adam
               died of emaciation on 25 June 1863, 40 years old, buried on 26 June, born in Kurhessen."

               Two remarks:
               1. the German name is Pfannmüller (with u-umlaut).
               2. he comes from Kurhessen, also known as the Electorate of Hessen or Landgravate of Hessen-Kassel.

               Following is the birth record of Adam Pfannmoeller, as found by Manfred Raker:


               Baptism on 11.08.1823
               Johann Adam Pfannmüller, the Anna Margaretha Pfannmüller, the eldest daughter of the 
               forest ranger Johannes Pfannmüller illegitimate son, born on 06. August.

               (The mother is called Anna Margaretha, the grandfather Johannes)

1860 U.S. Census - Louisville, Kentucky

From 1880 U.S. Census showing Edward is 18 years old in 1880

From 1865 Louisville City Directory

Tragedy Strikes the Pfannmoeller Family in 1906

Wednesday, April 25, 1906

November 26, 1906

Friday, April 27, 1906

                       Foertmeyer Relationship to Leo

           Dietrich Friedrich Förtmeier --M-- Ilsa Dorothea Georges
                    1798-1861             |        1801-1864 
               |                                               |
               |        2 of 11 Children, of which Dorette     |
               |      was the oldest and Louis the youngest    |
               |                                               |
Louis Charles Foertmeyer           (sister)            Dorette Pfannmoeller**
       1849-1914                                             1826-1881
           |                                                     |
Charles George Foertmeyer         1st Cousin           Charles H. Pfannmoeller
       1872-1947                                             1860-1928
           |                                                     |
Charles Henry Foertmeyer          2nd Cousin           Leo Pfannmoeller
       1917-2011                                             1892-1906
Charles Henry Foertmeyer III      2nd Cousin
       1949-                      Once Removed

      ** Wife of Johann Adolph "Adam" Pfannmoeller      

      The Charles H. Pfannmoeller on this chart is not the man who
      drank the carbolic acid. The Charles who drank the acid was 
      the son of Valentine Pfannmoeller (1855-1907), this Charles's 
      older brother. 

St. Louis Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

The "Side by Side" graves of Leo and Albert. Vandals have obviously damaged the upright markers,
and it would appear that whatever was betrween them has been removed, or stolen.