Pop at his desk in his office at the original Wyoming Medical Center on Burns Avenue





Lieutenant Charles Henry Foertmeyer




Captain Charles Henry Foertmeyer





Sittin’ on the Jerry can












Bromo Seltzer, Charlie Foertmeyer, and George Dana

[you will read about George later]








































The previous two photos were taken on the upper left balcony of the Hotel Trautwein, which still exists [below] in Bad Wörishofen, Germany. I find it very interesting that my father stayed in that room [#12] and sat on that very balcony above over seventy years ago.



Hotel Trautwein


































































































A few years ago the daughter of one of Pop’s WWII buddies asked him to tell her [Susy] and her mother [Gracey] about her dad’s [George Dana’s] involvement in the war. She told Pop that her dad would never talk about it, so she was totally in the dark about his experiences. Pop sent her a series of emails telling Susy about their WWII experiences.


Read the compiled emails HERE.