Wesleyan Cemetery Section F - Samuel Paul Wunder

Wesleyan Cemetery
Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio

Samuel and Catherine Wartman Wunder
Anna Wunder's Grandparents

Name:                   Samuel Henry Wunder
Grave Location:         Section L, Lot 69E, Grave 3
Death:                  31 Oct 1856
Interment:              2 Nov 1856
Age at Death:           66 Years
Lot Owner:              Catherine Wunder
Birth Date:             27 March 1788
Birthplace:             Pennsylvania
Spouse:                 Catherine Wartman Wunder
Military Service:       War of 1812

Name:                   Catherine Wartman Wunder
Grave Location:         Section L, Lot 69 E, Grave 2
Death:                  21 Jun 1873
Interment:              24 Jun 1873
Age at Death:           78 Years
Lot Owner:              Catherine Wunder
Birth Date:             August 19, 1795
Birth Place:            Pennsylvania
Spouse:                 Samuel Henry Wunder

William Wunder - Anna's father

William Wartman - Anna's Maternal Grandfather

William Harrison Wunder
April 12, 1862 - October 9, 1862
Samuel Wunder and wife Catherine Wartman are buried in section L with some of their children and grandchildren. Other grandchildren are buried in Section M along with some of the Wartman family.

Many of the descendants of this family still remain in the Cincinnati area, and much of the local history and national history was centered on this family. Their grandchildren went on to become state senators, doctors and still make a contribution to the country and community.

Cemetery records indicate that the lot was deeded 13 January 1857. The lot was transferred to Mary L. Wagner on 29 May 1958.

Samuel was a veteran of the war of 1812.

Spring Grove Cemetery
Northside, Ohio

Lucy E. Wunder
1811 - 1891

Lucy Wunder
A Niece of Daniel Webster

Daniel Wunder
1812 - 1883

Daniel Wunder

This is not a complete tree:

Samuel Wunder wed Sarah Wartman b. 1790   in   1810    Pennsylvania

Children:  Vanaken Wunder 1810---------------------------------------------|
                  Daniel Wunder     1812                                                     V
                                                                                             Elizabeth Jane Wunder Beresford
                                                                                             Hamilton County Sheriff Samuel Berresford
Sarah Wartman Wunder dies in 1813    Ohio

Samuel Wunder wed Catherine Wartman b. 1795

[Sarah & Catherine are sisters]

Children:  Anna Wunder
                  Edward Wunder
                  William Wartman Wunder
                  Susanna Wunder
                  Samuel Wunder

Daniel Wunder weds Lucy E. Boyington

Vanaken Wunder weds Elizabeth _________ and
to this pairing is born Miles A. Wunder
and Elizabeth Jane Wunder

Miles lived on Wesley Avenue in Norwood. This we know from his cemetery card. Further research revealed the address through the 1903 Norwood City Directory. [ Wunder Mary, wid. Miles A. h.4905 Wesley av ] The photo at the bottom is how the house looks today. Interesting how the artist made it look so much more elegant back in 1899.

Miles was the secretary at Butchers' Hide Association, 508 Poplar Street.

4905 Wesley Avenue, Norwood, Ohio

Elizabeth Jane Wunder Beresford

Vanaken Wunder Beresford Marker

Sheriff Samuel Beresford 1887-1888

Samuel was a well known butcher who entered into politics. He was elected to Cincinnati City Council in 1869 from the 18th ward, and was elected Sheriff of Hamilton Co. Ohio in 1887-1888.

The Sheriff's Son


January 13, 1911
Nephew of Sheriff Beresford
Son of Richard (Sheriff's Brother) & Catherine