836 West Eighth Street

April 22, 1914

NW Corner of W. 8th & Linn Streets

Immigrated from Bohnhorst, Germany in October 1856 with his
older sister Bertha Fortmeyer on the Ship President Smidt.

CHARLES HENRY FOERTMEYER~ physician, office and residence No. 486 West Eighth street, Cincinnati, was born in Bohnhorst. Hanover, Germany, March 1,1841, a son of D. F. W. and Doris (Mente) Foertmeyer, the former born in Loccum, March 10, 1798, the latter in Negenborn, July 28, 1801. The father, who was a school teacher and organist, departed this life May 24, 1861. He was a son of Wilhelm and Louisa (Mell) Foertmeyer, the former of whom was a tailor by occupation; his father, Hans Juergen Förtmeier was lieutenant of artillery in the battle of Dettingen, in 1743, when 85,000 English and Hanoverians defeated 60,000 French.

Dr. Foertmeyer received his early čducation at Bohnhorst, came to America, and studied pharmacy, afterward studied medicine with Dr. C. A. Miller (since deceased), graduated from the Medical College of Ohio, in the spring of 1872, and opened an office at No. 120 Mill Street, Cincinnati, for the practice of his profession, later moving to his present location. The Doctor is a general practitioner; is a member of the Cincinnati Academy of Medicine, Ohio State Medical Society, and the Knights of HODOl', and for twelve years has been medical examiner for this order. In 1878-79 the Doctor was medical examiner of the insane at the probate court. On February 3, 1868, he was united in marriage to Rosa Rentz, daughter of Sebastian and Cecelia Rentz, of Cincinnati. Politically, the Doctor is in sympathy with the Republican party; in religious faith he is a Protestant.

The year before his death, Dr. Foertmeyer, accompanied by his wife Rosa Rentz Foertmeyer and Rosa'a younger sister Julia Rentz, too a trip back to Germany, probably Bohnhorst. Here then iis the return trip passenger log back to the United States aboard the ship the George Washington: