Marie's Immigration to U.S. aboard the ship "OHIO" in 1869
Following the death of her husband in 1914, Marie moved in with her son's family (Charles George Foertmeyer MD)at 3562 Shaw Avenue until her death in 1925. 3562 Shaw Avenue was razed to build the Margerie P. Lee Center in Hyde Park.

In the at left photo above, Marie is holding Julius "Jack" Foertmeyer as his sister Virginia "Ginny" Foertmeyer Jotter looks on. In the photo to the right she is sitting with Charles "Charlie" Henry Foertmeyer II (MD).

A younger Marie Mente Foertmeyer

Emelie Thume - Marie's sister who stayed in Germany

Emelie Thume and her husband Friedel

Friedel Thume 1928

At the end of WWII, out of concern for the well-being of his grandmother's sister, Charles H. Foertmeyer MD (2) requested the Red Cross to try to locate Emilie in war-torn Germany. His request was made in August of 1945 and the requested information was returned in September of 1946.

1555 Chase Now

1555 Chase Then [The Louis Charles Foertmeyer Home]

Friedel Thume (son) killed in France in WWI