Marie's Immigration to U.S. aboard the ship "OHIO" in 1869
Following the death of her husband in 1914, Marie moved in with her son's family (Charles George Foertmeyer MD)at 3562 Shaw Avenue until her death in 1925. 3562 Shaw Avenue was razed to build the Margerie P. Lee Center in Hyde Park.

In the at left photo above, Marie is holding Julius "Jack" Foertmeyer as his sister Virginia "Ginny" Foertmeyer Jotter looks on. In the photo to the right she is sitting with Charles "Charlie" Henry Foertmeyer II (MD).

1555 Chase Now

1555 Chase Then [The Louis Charles Foertmeyer Home]

A younger Marie Mente Foertmeyer


Emile Thüme - Marie's sister who stayed in Germany
Born in Schnega, Germany in 1868

Young Emile Mente Thüme

Young Emile Mente Thüme
In the photo to the far left we see Tante Emelie sitting between two other women. I believe the lady on the left is Anneliese Thüme, Emelie's daughter, shown in the photo immediately to the left. I believe the woman on the right may be the daughter of Anneliese. The photo is from Ahrensburg, Germany taken in 1954. Knowing that Emilie was born in 1868 she would be 86 in this photo. Anneliese was born around 1898 (Friedel was born in 1894). Knowing this, Anneliese would be 56 in the photo, which appears about correct. Given that, and that she may have had a doughter around 20 years of age, the daughter would then be 36, which also appears likely in the photo. We could be looking at four generations here as the man on the left looks in his 30s and could be the granddaughter's husband and the younger man on the right could be their son.

We have been unable to find any documentation of Anneliese at all, other than the photo of her and her older brother.

Ottilie m. Reinhold Niemann-1*      Emelie m. Friedrich Thüme-2*
        |                                  |
Fred William Niemann 1880-1957      Friedel Jr. WWI KIA
 m. Nellie M. Washburn 1877-1960-3  Annelise
Robert Miemann 1907-1908

* See Chart below

Thomas J. Manning 1801-1875 m. Eliza C. Keller Manning 1809-1881
                    Alfronia Manning 1849-1919
                     m. Eugene Lavega Washburn 1847-1926
                         Minnie M. Washburn 1873-1951   
                         Nellie M. Washburn Niemann 1877-1960-3

Blue text indicates burial in Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum
Dayton, Ohio - Section 48 Lot 1456

Robert Niemann

Eliza Keller Manning - Thomas J. Manning

In the chart below, the two Fricke sisters were actually half-sisters, having the same father [Johann Heinrich Tiede Fricke] like the Mente children did, but also like the Mente children, their mothers were half-sisters. Dorothea Fricke's mother was Dorothee Auguste Habichhorst, and Henrietta Fricke's mother was Marie Charlotte Habichhorst. Johann Tiede Fricke was a forester in Harpstedt (Eugene Mente said he was a forester for the King of Hannover), his bride was Catherine Marie Charlotte Habichhorst.

Note: Friedel is a nickname for Friedrich

Tante Emelie Mente Thüme
1868 - 1958

Friedel Thüme (son) killed in France in WWI
20 OCT 1894 - 1918

Where Young Friedel is Buried

Friedel Thüme, Jr. Central Cemetery, Lüneburg

Thüme, Friedrich, Lieutenant of the Reserve, -- October 20, 1894 Lüneburg -- missing.

Thüme, Friedrich, Lieutenant of the Reserve, -- October 20 Lüneburg -- had been missing, wounded and captive.

Emile Thüme and her husband Friedel

Friedel Thüme 1928

At the end of WWII, out of concern for the well-being of his grandmother's sister, Charles H. Foertmeyer MD (2) requested the Red Cross to try to locate Emilie in war-torn Germany. His request was made in August of 1945 and the requested information was returned in September of 1946. Note in the letter above the address at which Emilie lived in Lüneburg; 5, Münze. Today the name of the street is An der Münze, which means "At the Coin". Why? Well, for many years on this street there has stood a colorfully decorated house that has long been referred to as the "städtische Münze" or "urban coin". In the 16th century it was the residence of the mint master (Münzmeister).