Lulu & Charles Lutterman
George & Lillian Guese

Clockwise from top left: Charles George Foertmeyer MD with Louis and Alma on ther porch of 902 Suire Avenue, 902 Suire Avenue (1903),
6095 Belleair Avenue (1936), and 3562 Shaw Avenue (1907) (demolished to build Margarie P. Lee nursing home in Hyde Park)

Kate and Blanche Cole came to Cincinnati and settled initially at 267 W. 7th Street, the home of Nicholas Timary, located between Central and John. This would have been in 1892. At this time, Charles George Foertmeyer was working as a clerk in A.W. Foertmeyer's drug store on the SW corner of 6th and Central. Being literally one block apart, Charles George and Blanche could have met at the drug store.

1893 found Blanche working for The John Shillito Company, still living with her mother at 267 W. 7th Street. Charles George is now a medical student living at his parent's home at 1555 Chase in Northside. From

1894 to 1898 Blanche and Katie lived at 333 W. 9th Street or in the Goodall Building next door. Both addresses are listed intermittently throughout those years. Charles George remained at home on Chase and continued his medical studies.

1898 finds Charles George practicing medicine at 606 Central Avenue, Flat 1. Blanche and Katie are living at 330 W. 9th Street, Flat 3. Charles George and Blanche get married in June of 1898.

1899 Foertmeyer Pharmacy has moved to the NE corner of 6th and Central with A.W. Foertmeyer listed as manager. Charles George is practicing medicine either upstairs or next door, at 606 Central. No reference to Blanche here or where she and Charles george are living.

1900 A.W. Foertmeyer still manages the drug store, Charles George still practicing medicine at 606 Central, and Katie Cole still living at 330 W. 9th Street. No reference to Blanche here or where she and Charles george are living.

1901 Katie has moved to Flat 4 of 330 W. 9th Street and she will die in October of 1901. A.W. still managing the drug store and Charles George has moved his practice to 418 W. 8th Street.

1902 No apparent changes.

1903 Charles George proprietor of drug store NE corner of 6th and Central. (Did he buy it from A.W.?) Eugene Foertmeyer working there as clerk and living at home on Chase. Charles George has moved to Price Hill, 902 Suire Avenue.

1904 No changes

1905 No Changes

1906 No Changes

1907 Charles George moves his family to 3562 Shaw Avenue in Hyde Park. No other changes.

Charles George Foertmeyer was both a physician and a Pharmacist. His pharmacy was located on the north east corner of 6th Street and Central Avenue in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. (600 Central Avenue) For a certain period of time, Charles would have his good friend, George Guese (gee-zee) running the store, presumably while Charles saw patients in his office at the same location.

1940 William's Directory

George and his wife Lillian Guese

Interior of Foertmeyer Pharmacy

Exterior of Foertmeyer Pharmacy

George Guese behind the counter

Charles and Blanche's Passport

Charles George Foertmeyer MD at the July 4th 1946 picnic at Ward Williams's farm

George Guese

Dr. Charles George Foertmeyer


May 31, 1912

A dose cup from Foertmeyer Pharmacy

"Returnable" pharmacy bottle from Foertmeyer's

NEC 6th Street & Central Avenue

Charles George Foertmeyer in Independence Day Parade

NE Corner 6th and Central Avenue looking north up Central