1882 - 1918

Edna Foertmeyer Emerson passed away in the 1918 flu epedimic. She was only 36 years old. She left behind, two children, Charles and Blanche, shown with her above, and her husband Fred William Emerson. Fred retired in 1949 to Dunedin, Florida.

Charles and Blanche c. 1947

Edna's husband - Fred William Emerson
1880 - 1969

Fred William Emerson
Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park
Clearwater, Florida
Fred and his later wife, Elsie

Spring Grove Cemetery
Cincinnati, Ohio


The Emerson Home
1725 Ella Street - Northside

Edna Foertmeyer Emerson's Children

Jessie Blanche Emerson Williams
1905 - 2001

Artemus Ward Williams - Blanch's Husband
1897 - 1984

Charles Wilson Emerson and wife Dorothy Louise Wischmeyer
1912 - 2007               1914 - 1999
For many years the family would all meet at Ward Williams farm for our annual Independence Day picnic. The farm was located at 3218 Compton Road, or back then in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, RR 11 Box 68. I don't know exactly when Ward bought the farm, but he sold it in 1963 to a developer who agreed to name the development's streets after members of his family; Wardwood Drive (Ward Williams), Lillwood Lane (Lillian Elsasser daughter-in-law), Donnybrook Lane (son Donald), Loralinda Drive. I was lucky enough to be old enough to remember the wonderful picnics we had there at Ward's farm.

Mid to Late 1940s

Mid to Late 1940s

Rural Route 11 Box 68 back then equals 3218 Compton Road today
From the country to the suburbs over time

Ward's Farmhouse in 2003

Ward's Farmhouse Today - Gone

Ward and Blanche Williams

Ward's son Donald Emerson Williams
and Donald's wife Narfay "Faye" Roberts
1929 - ____         1933 - 2010

Ward's son Bruce Frederick Williams
1935 - ____

Ward's son Donald Emerson Williams
1929 - ____

Ward's son Bruce Frederick Williams
1935 - ____

Debbie Maxwell

Devin Pierce

Debbie Williams

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