Wm. Louis Foertmeyer


                   401 Fairfield Avenue, Bellevue, Kentucky                                             Original Store 1887 at Fairfield & Ward (Also sold paints)

Memorial Day Parade 1946 in front of Foertmeyer's Pharmacy at 401 Fairfield Avenue.

Medicine bottles from Wm. L. Foertmeyer's Pharmacy

From the Cincinnati Enquirer, 21 Jan 1900, pg 3
Bellevue KY
Blaze at Foertmeyer's

A disastrous blaze was narrowly averted at Foertmeyer's pharmacy last evening. His little four-year-old son (Samuel) overturned a lamp in the second story, igniting the carpet, table cloth and other furniture. It was only by the prompt action of Mr. Foertmeyer and other members of the family that the building was saved. Foertmeyer caught hold of the lamp and threw it out of the window, which was followed by a chair and another piece of furniture. The blaze was at last smothered by the application of rugs, blankets &c. Willie Foertmeyer was burned about the hands and arms. The loss was less than $100.

Apparently, based on his grandson's "business card", William's son, William
Adolphus, and grandson, William Louis II, lived at 600 Fairfield Avenue: