Charles Henry and Virginia Louise Driskell Foertmeyer

Charles Henry Foertmeyer M.D. was born on 09 Oct 1917. He died on 28 Oct 2011 in Fairfield, Butler Co., OH (Mercy Hospital). He married Virginia Louise Driskell on 07 Aug 1943 in Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, daughter of Garland Driskell and Ruth Marie Schwartz. She was born on 07 Jul 1921 in Owensboro, Daviess Co, Kentucky. She died on 11 Oct 2002 in Mercy Hosp. South, Fairfield, Butler Co. OH.


Notes for Charles Henry Foertmeyer M.D.:


Charlie Foertmeyer was born on the kitchen table at their Shaw Ave. home in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH. A nursing home now stands at the site of their old home.

He attended Withrow High School and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. His goal had been psychiatry but WWII intervened before he finished that specialty. Captain Foertmeyer served in the European theatre with Patton's Army in the medical corps and upon his return (aboard the ship Aiken Victory), he and wife Virginia began their family. Charles practiced internal medicine rather than taking more time to finish his psychiatry specialty. He joined the practice of Stewart Matthews, M.D. (The Wyoming Medical Center) in Wyoming, OH and remained a part of that ever-changing group for his entire career. He retired in 1983 and pursued a leisurely life enjoying his radio..."computing".. He always enjoyed traveling and in earlier years took our family on marvelous month-long vacations all over the United States.


On Oct. 27, 1992, he was honored by the Cincinnati Academy of Medicine for 50 years of service. Their first home was on Banbury St. in Valleydale, moving to 926 Reily Rd. in Wyoming, OH in 1952. About 4 years later they moved about 2 blocks away to 554 Woodbrook Ln. In 2002, Charles had surgery for stenosis on his spine and was hospitalized for about three months. Upon his release, he could not return to the home on Woodbrook as it was not handicapped accessible and Charles was now pretty much wheel chair bound. Ginny and Charlie purchased a new home at 789 Danbury in Forest Park, close to son Tom and daughter Gayle. Chuck moved in with Charles after Mother passed away.


Notes for Virginia Louise Driskell:


Virginia is an only child and in later years admitted she wished she had had brothers and sisters. She had a happy childhood but regrets that one part. She was born in Owensboro, KY but moved with her family to Cincinnati when just about 6 weeks old. The family rented homes in Norwood, OH where Virginia attended school throughout her school years. She dislikes the name Virginia and prefers to be called Ginny. She attended the Christ Hospital School of Nursing and met her husband Charles, through her association with General Hospital, now University Hospital. They were married in 1943 and traveled much about the country in the early years as the Army moved them from place to place, mostly in Kansas and Arizona. While Charles was overseas, Ginny lived with her parents in Norwood. After his return, they bought a small house on Banbury St. in Valleydale where the first two children were born. They later moved to a larger house at 926 Reily Rd. in Wyoming where Thomas was born. With the impending arrival of John, they bought their home at 554 Woodbrook Lane in Wyoming and lived there until 2002. Due to Charles' failing health, they moved to a smaller ranch style home at 789 Danbury in Forest Park. Ginny hated giving up the home on Woodbrook - it was their home for nearly 50 years. Ginny never returned to nursing after her children were born. She was active in many clubs and associations, always a part of her childrens activities and was a wonderful grandma..doing typically wonderful grandmotherly things including many trips to the Museum Center, Chuck E Cheeses and the zoo.


Mother passed away on October 11, 2002 of a heart attack. It was totally unexpected and so sudden.

Their primary residence for forty-seven years was at 554 Woodbrook Lane in Wyoming, Ohio

554 Woodbrook Lane - Wyoming
1955 - 2002

926 Reily Road - Wyoming
1952 - 1955

8349 Banbury Street - Vallydale
1948 - 1952

789 Danbury Road - Forest Park
2002 - 2011
Charles Foertmeyer MD was a co-founder [c.1948] of the Wyoming Medical Center, originally located until about 1955 at 421 Burns Avenue in Wyoming, Ohio. The Wyoming Medical Center leased the house they were located in from the church next door. When the church wanted their house back to raze it and create a parking lot, The Wyoming Medical Center moved to 305 Crescent Avenue, three blocks away, and built a brand new, modern facility, with advanced features, implemented in large part, by Dr. Foertmeyer.

Burns Avenue - Wyoming
c.1948 - c.1955

305 Crescent Avenue - Wyoming
c.1955 - 1986 [sold to University]

Mom and Dad - A Great Couple

Virginia [Ginny] 1946 in Burnet Avenue Apartment

Ginny in 1942

Charles [Charlie] in 1943

Charles Foertmeyer had a good friend, George Dana, who he was with all throughout WWII. Apparently George had never spoken much about his experiences in the war, and his daughter Susy, had a desire to learn more about it all. So, Charlie started sending emails to them telling about his and George's experiences in Europe. CLICK HERE for a compilation of those emails.

To visit a page of photos of Charlie in WWII Europe, CLICK HERE

Walter Frommeyer MD, Charles Foertmeyer MD, and Clarance Haeberle MD
Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania c.1943

Charles and Virginia have four children, Charles Henry Foertmeyer III (Chuck) 07/29/1949, Gayle Marie Foertmeyer Putt 03/03/1951, Thomas Heston Foertmeyer (Tom) 02/20/1955, and John Louis Foertmeyer 06/20/1956.

Below is a "roadmap" to the individuals you will meet below. The date of birth is either above or below a person's name, and if married, the date of the marriage is alongside the couple's names. Each generation is boxed in a different color.

Virginia and Charles also had eight grandchildren; Jennifer Foertmeyer Mandeville, Scott Matthew Foertmeyer, Chrystal Blackwell Rudolph, Nicholas Adam Putt, Emily Tanner Putt, Natalie Elisa Foertmeyer, Elizabeth Ann Foertmeyer, and Thomas Charles Foertmeyer. Still counting, there are seven great grandchildren; Michael Nielson, Kayla Nielson, Ian Rudolph, Jocelyn Marie Mandeville, Rhys Jamison Mandiville, Charlotte Halverson, and Chandler James Halverson.

Refer to chart above.

Judy Wallace Foertmeyer with her first
two children, Brian and Angie Kilmer

Chuck and his wife Judy Wallace Foertmeyer (Divorced)


Judy Wallace Foertmeyer's father, Leroy Wallace, 1940-1941
Had gone west with the army for training and
"played cowboy" to send photos home

Lee Wallace is Jennifer's maternal grandfather, who
unfortunately, neither she or her father ever had
the pleasure of meeting.

Virginia with Chuck and Gayle in Florida

Chuck and Gayle in Florida

John and Tom

Tom and John in Florida

Charles Foertmeyer's 93rd BIrthday

The whole Charles Foertmeyer Family

John's Family - Chrystal (step-daughter), and her children, Kayla, Mike, and Ian. Chrystal is John's daughter

Tom's Children; Annie, Tommy, and Natalie. Gayle's Children; Adam in back, and Emily on right end.

Tom's Wife, Nikki Treinen Foertmeyer, Natalie, and Tom.

Gayle and Her Husband, Nick Putt

Gayle with her daughter Emily Putt and Adam Putt

Gayle at Gooding Manor - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

The Foertmeyer Family
Before Annie & Tommy - Josie & Rhys - Chandler - Dave, Mike & Kayla - Keith & Ian

Gayle with Chuck's Daughter Jennifer now Mandeville - c.1987

Gayle with her Horse Roan in 1973

Gayle's Daughter Emily with her Son Chandler

Chuck's Granddaughter Josie with her Cousin Pete Mandeville

Gayle Putt holding Charlotte
aka "Charlie", Emily's 2014 baby

March 2015 - Rhys Jamison Mandeville

Great Grandfather Charles Foertmeyer [Poppy] holding Chuck's Granddaughter Josie Mandeville

Grandmother Penny Mandeville [Mumsy] holding Jennifer Foertmeyer Mandeville's Son Rhys Jamison Mandeville

Jocelyn Mandeville with her Great Uncle Tom Foertmeyer

Josie Mandeville

Jocelyn "Josie" Marie Mandeville March 2015

Josie's "Granddaddy" Chuck Foertmeyer

John Louis Foertmeyer 2005

John and Tom Foertmeyer at the Cincinnati Zoo 1961

John Louis Foertmeyer and his Son Scott Matthew Foertmeyer

Geoffry Hamilton Mandeville and Jennifer Marie Mandeville

Emily Putt Halverson's Husband Anthony James [AJ] Halverson with Son Chandler James Halverson

Chrystal Blackwell Rudolph with her Mom and John Foertmeyer's wife [divorced] Debbie Peery Foertmeyer

Chrystal with her Husband Keith Rudolph

Geoffry Mandeville and his Daughter Liz
[Josie's Aunt Liz and Grandfather]

Ernest Wycoff "Peter" Mandeville Jr.
Josie's Great Grandfather

Thomas Depouz - Josie's "Uncle Thomas"

Josie's Uncle Joe Mandeville and her cousin Max

Josie's Great Aunt Pam Kish and her Aunt Kara Mandeville

Josie's Cousins Lilly, Max, and Pete Mandeville

Thomas and Lilly [Josie and Pete in Tow]

The Mandeville Family