11069 Colerain Road

Ethel Marie Campbell Foertmeyer
and Jane

Ethel Marie Campbell Foertmeyer

Parents of Ethel Marie Campbell Foertmeyer

Emmet Clyde Campbell

Nancy J. Kingery Campbell
Maple Grove Cemetery - Cleves Ohio

Children of Emmet Clyde Campbell and Nancy J. Kingery

Arthur B. Campbell
Maple Glen Cemetery - Cleves Ohio
             Other Children:
             Ethel Marie Campbell 
             Margaret Theora Campbell 
             Juanita M. Campbell 
             Maud W. Campbell 
             Pearl J. Campbell 
             Lucille Campbell 
             Robert T. Campbell 
             Charles Campbell 


Jane Odelia Foertmeyer Graduation
Walnut Hills High School 1935
Joseph Eugene Maienschein 1907-1985

Jane and her husband Joseph Maienschein
1917-1966                     1907-1985
Golden Gate National Cemetery
1300 Sneath Lane, San Bruno,CA 94066

(L) Rosa Foertmeyer Hildebrand
1920-2001 (R) 1938 Freshman at U.C.

Rosa Foertmeyer Kraeft Hildebrand
Graceland Memorial Gardens Milford, Ohio

                              Jane Odelia Foertmeyer married Joseph Eugene Maienschein 
                              born 25 Feb 1907 died 17 Sep 1985

                              They had 4 children:

                              Joyce Marie Kearney      - born  2 Apr 1943 in Cincinnati 
                                                         died 20 sep 2013 in San Mateo, CA

                                Joyce 1960      Joeseph 1964     Barbi 1968       Sue 1969

                              Joseph Ervin Maienschein - born       1946 

                              Barbara Munro            - born c.    1950
                              Sue Maienschein          - born c.    1953

                              Joyce married James Patrick "Jim" Kearney - born 19 nov 1939 died 24 Aug 2007 

Joseph F. Maienschein (1871-1948 b. Münchberg, Hof, Bayern, Germany) was the father of Jane Foertmeyer's husband, Joseph Eugene Maienschein. The elder Joseph was born in Germany and fathered six children with his wife Ida Sophia Hahn (1875-1942 b. Cincinnati, Ohio). Their family home was located at 143 Kinsey Avenue, Cincinnati.

                   1) Carl Frank Maienschein       1895-1964         4) Erwin Maienschein        1897-1921
                      m.  __________________       ____-____            m.  _______________      ____-____
                   2) Norma Schoenberger           1900-1994         5) Katheryn Curtis          1903-____
                      m.  Albert Schoenberger      1899-1973            m.  Virgil Curtis        ____-____
                   3) Joseph Eugene Maienschein    1907-1985         6) Blanche Metzger          1914-1996
                      m.  Jane Odelia Foertmeyer   1917-1965            m.  Herbert Metzger      1897-1972

Joseph Eugene Maienschein
From above, Joseph F.(father), Ida Sophia Hahn(mother), Carl Frank, and Erwin(children) all all buried in Walnut Hills (German) Cemetery in Section 28 Lot 76.

Ida Hahn's parents, brother, and sister are buried in the lot (75) next to her.
                                                     SEC  LOT
WILLIAM HAHN	                    c. 1855-1927     28   75  Father
ELIZABETH HAHN	                    c. 1859-1921     28   75  Mother
    IDA HAHN MAIENSCHEIN               1875-1942     28   76  Ida
       m.JOSEPH F. MAIENSCHEIN         1871-1948     28   76  Husband
    GERTIE HAHN	                    c. 1876-1881     28   75  Sister
    WILLIAM HAHN                    c. 1885-1953     28   75  Brother
       m.AMELIA ZEILMAN HAHN        c. 1890-1957     28   75  Sister-In-Law

Blanch Metzer (children) and her husband Herbert Metzger (1897-1972) are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Section 125 Lot 27.

Norma Schoenberger (children) and her husband Albert J. Schoenberger (1899-1973) are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Garden MM Section E128 Lot F3.

5) Katheryn Maienschein married Virgil Curtis in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 14th 1927. At some time after that, and at least by 1940 they had moved to 557 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky, and were the proud parents of two children:

1) Carol Curtis b. c.1932

2) Joan Curtis b. c.1937

Katheryn Curtis

Blanche Metzger

Blanche Metzger
Walnut Hills Cemetery (2nd German) Section 28 Lots 75 & 76

Joseph Eugene's Father

Joseph Eugene's Mother

Joseph Eugene's Brother

Joseph Eugene's Brother ***

Ida Hahn Maienschein's Father

Ida Hahn Maienschein's Mother

Ida's Brother & Sister-in-Law
Edwin A. Maienschein died at the age of twenty-four. In March of 1919 he returned home from WWI from Brest, France aboard the ship Connecticut. He was a private in Company D of the 136th Field Artillery. He would die two years later of a lung condition called tuberculous peritonitis. Whether or not this disease was caused by his exposure to something there, I do not know. I do know that my grandfather was a sergeant in Company C of the 147th Field Artillery and was hospitalized and sent home in December of 1918 after his exposure to mustard gas. He died of lung cancer, but many years later.
Spring Grove Cemetery Section 125 Lot 27 (MMetzger) & Section MM-E128-F3

Herbert's 1st Wife

Herbert Metzger

Herbert's 2nd Wife & J. Eugene's Sister

Joseph Eugene's Sister Norma

143 Kinsey Avenue - Cincinnati - Maienschein Home

557 Eastern Parkway - Louisville - Curtis Home

2730 Werkastle Road- Cincinnati - Blanche Metzger Home

11069 Colerain Avenue - Cincinnati - Walter F. Foertmeyer Home