Obituary from the American Medical Association Vol 125 No 17:
Adolphus William Foertmeyer, Cincinnati; Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati, 1905: also a pharmacist; assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine ; member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Central Neuropsychiatric Association; since January 1942 probate court alienist ; for two terms county coroner : formerly federal jail physician ; served overseas during World War I: major, medical reserve corps, U. S. Army, not on active duty; on the staffs of St. Mary's, Bethesda, Christ, Jewish, Cincinnati General, Deaconess and Good Samaritan hospitals; died June 24, aged 64.

3322 Bishop Street Front

3322 Bishop Street Rear

In 1917 A.W. wrote an article "The Submarine Conscience" about the horrors of life on a submarine. If you'd care to read the article...

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In 1914, as coroner, A.W. was very much aware of the deaths and injuries people were experiencing in automobile accidents. So, with the money alotted to him he purchased a large number of "Safety First" signs to be placed in dangerous places along the roadways. Below in a mockup of one such sign. I have only a description to go by, however, so this is just what I think it may have looked like.