Judging from the article to the right and the story below about "Eddie" Mente, and the fact that the couple lost another son (Louis Mente) who lived only two months in 1867-1868. The questions that beg answering are, who was Eddie's father? Did the divorce ever take place. As to the first question, Dr. Mente died in 1874 and therefore could not be Eddie's father, as Eddie must have been born in 1881. As to the second question, Louis Mente lived only three more years after the law suit for divorce was initiated, and yet, Wilhelmena was buried next to her husband some fifty-three years later, her husband having died very young.

Minnie lived at "35 Hamilton Pike near Blue Rock" at the time of Eddie's death.
The numbering has changed there, but this is their block. She eventually moved to
719 N. Crescent Avenue (now N. Fred Shuttlesworth Circle), but her house is gone.