270 Hilltop Lane - Wyoming, Ohio

Garland "Granddaddy" "My Buddy" Driskell - 1955

World War I Draft Registration

World War II Draft Registration

Garland Driskell's Downtown Office
As listed in the 1932-33 William's Directory
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The chart below shows the relationship (2nd cousins 5X removed) between me and the infamous Samuel A. Mudd MD, the doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth's broken leg after shooting President Lincoln. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Silas Heston Driskell Married [1] Minnie Pate [1871 - 1935] 1893 [1874 - 1895] Garland Driskell [son] Married Ruth Marie Schwartz [1893 - 1960] 1920 [1898 - 1989] Virginia Foertmeyer [daughter] [1921 - 2002] Shella Driskell [daughter] Both Shella and Minnie [1895 - 1895] died in the birthing
Silas Heston Driskell Married [2] Emma Hoffman [1871 - 1935] 1900 [1877 - 1958] Richard Driskell [son] Married Jessie Lee Burden [1901 - 1954] 1923 [1903 - 1952] Frances Jeanette Wright [daughter] [1933 - 2013] Rosa B. Driskell [daughter] Married Elihu Couch [1] Frank Patterson [2] [1904 - 1963] 1920- [1900 - ____] [1900 - 1975] Beatrice Jane Couch Hawhee [daughter] [1923 - 2005] Heston Taylor Driskell [son] Married Marguerite Lucille Glacinski [1905 - 1986] [1908 - 1981] Heston Driskell III [son] [1946 - ____]

Garland Driskell - Too soon departed

Garland was well established in the commercial art world

David Driskell [1844 - 1917] Missouri Meador Driskell [1844 - 1910]
Parents of Silas Heston Driskell [1871 - 1935]
Garland Driskell's Grandparents
Ethesus Cemetery - Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Silas Heston and Emma Hoffman Driskell
Garland's father and step-mother
Fernwood Cemetery - Henderson, Kentucky
[1871 - 1935]       [1877 - 1958]

Application for Military Headstone

Garland's father - Silas Heston Driskell

Minnie Pate Driskell - Garland's mother
Old Ivy Hill Cemetery - Breckinridge County, Kentucky
1874 - 1895

The canteen Garland etched during WWI

Garland Driskell's WWI Victory Medal

Garland Driskell's WWI Victory Medal

Frank and Rosa Driskell Couch Patterson
Garland's half-sister

Frank Hill Patterson and Beatrice Couch Hawhee
Son of Frank Patterson and Daughter of Rose Driskell Couch Patterson

Frank Hill Patterson

Carroll "Coach" Hawhee and Beatrice Driskell Couch Hawhee
Carroll was the basketball coach at Waverly Ohio High School

Silas Heston Driskell - Garland's Father - 1935

Rosa Driskell Couch Patterson - Ruth Driskell
Garland Driskell - Beatrice Couch Hawhee
Beatrice is Rosa's daughter

[L-R] Cratter Pate Jolly, sister of Minnie Pate Driskell, who cared for Garland after his mother [Minnie] died until his father remarried five years later - Ruth Driskell - Will Jolly [Cratter's husband] - Garland Driskell - Emma Hoffman Driskell [Garlland's step-mother] - Mr. & Mrs. Burton [Jessie Driskell's mom and dad] [Jessie was Richard Driskell's wife][Richard was Garland's half-brother] - (sitting) Lillie Conaway [Emma Hoffman Driskell's sister]

Garland's first home in Cincinnati [1922 - 1924] rented
an apartment at 625 Crown Street in Walnut Hills

Location is now directly beneath Northbound I-71

Garland was an accomplished and well-known commercial artist. Above is the inside cover of his prospectus for his newspaper column, "Odd Fax o' Business". To view the entire booklet, ...CLICK HERE

Garland in uniform [WWI]

Emma Driskell and Jessie Driskell [Richard's Wife]

Emma Hoffman Driskell - Garland's step-mother

Heston Taylor Driskell Jr.

Margarite Driskell - Heston Taylor Driskell's wife and Heston III their only child

Heston Driskell III - Son of Heston Taylor Driskell Jr.

Margarite Driskell - Heston Taylor Driskell's wife

Rosa and Richard Driskell - 1905

Richard Driskell - 1920s

Jesse Burden Driskell and daughter Frances Jeanette
Richard's daughter

Frances Jeanette Driskell
Richard's daughter
Married William Wright 1952 in Atlanta
1933 - 2013

Silas Heston Driskell's house on Maple Street in Cloverport, Kentucky

Heston's granddaughter Beatrice Driskell Hawhhee drew diagrams of the house
above to show her cousin, Virginia Foertmeyer what it was like.
If you'd care to view her drawings, CLICK HERE

Lilly Conaway and Emma Driskell [sisters]

The home of Silas Heston Driskell is listed in the 1930 census as being on Maple Street in Cloverport, Kentucky. Unfortunately, no house numbers are given. The home on the left above is clearly the home of Silas Heston Driskell, as witnessed by the house next door that can be seen behind Rosa and Lilly in the above photo.

The home of Richard Driskell in Cloverport is shown above and is listed in the 1930 census as being on Houston Street and on the census sheets only six homes distant from Silas Heston's house. Maple Street turns into Houston and just around the corner on Houston I have located Richard's home at 104 E. Houston. It is now in disrepair and thoroughly grown over with trees and shrubs.

Richard's House Now

Heston Taylor Driskell
Son of Silas Heston and Emma Hoffman
Fernwood Cemetery - Henderson, Kentucky
1905 - 1986

Garland Driskell
Son of Silas Heston and Minnie Pate
Spring Grove Cemetery - Cincinnati, Ohio
1893 - 1960

William "Richard" Driskell
Son of Silas Heston and Emma Hoffman
Fernwood Cemetery - Henderson, Kentucky
1901 - 1954

Jeanette "Janet" Frances Driskell Wright
Daughter of Richard Driskell and Jesse Burden Driskell
Mount Gilead Cemetery - Eclectic, Alabama
1933 - 2013

Rosa Driskell Patterson
1904 - 1963

Frank Hill Patterson
1900 - 1975

Patterson Monument

Rosa & Frank Patterson Home
200 Block, Main Street, Hawesville, Kentucky
Sadly, now in disrepair!