Ruth Marie Schwartz Driskell, aka Boo Boo, or just Boo, or Boolah, take your pick, was my grandmother. Her family arrived on U.S. soil very early on during the formation of this country. The Family Schwartz came here from Neckargemünd, Germany. The first to come was Johann Georg Schwartz in 1743 aboard the ship Neptune. He married his wife, Maria Catherine Schweig, in 1748 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Johann died in Lancaster in 1799 and Maria in 1780, also in Lancaster.

Here then at This Link is the German ancestral family Schwartz Church Book Records.


1898 - 1989

270 Hilltop Lane

The house has changed dramatically since Ruth and Garland owned it. The garage has been converted to living space with a big bay window where the garage door once was, and the house is now painted green.

Ruth Schwartz (R) and her sister Mabel (L) - 1903

The Schwartz Family Group

Jacob Schwartz
1760 - 1842

Ruth Schhwartz (R) and her sister Mabel (L) - 1910

Mable and Boo c.1920

Ruth Driskell c. 1918

Ruth's Parents - John Walter Schwartz & Emma Tanner Schwartz

John Walter Schwartz   [1877 - 1912]
John Walter Schwartz was a twin to Samuel Marshal Schwartz. John served as a town marshall for Elkville, IL and also worked in the mines, as a foreman, at Hallidayboro, IL. His finger was injured in a mining accident and the doctor removed his finger with his "tobacco" knife. John died of tetanus. Some thought it was the doctor's dirty knife but it was more realistic to think it was from the mines where horses and mules were used to pull ore wagons. Source: family records and recollections, cemetery records of Jackson Co. Illinois.

Further information was found on 12-7-1992...the 80th anniversary of his the journal of his sister Eva Lucy Schwartz Casleton. Her entry states: "Brother John died Dec. 7, 1912. Sat. he got his finger mashed in the mine and then had to have it cut off. He took lockjaw & blood poisoning and died. He hated to die so bad he said he would be a better man if he got well. I didn't go to the funeral. I went to the house."

Ruth Schwartz related this tale regarding her father: "I remember my papa waking up with dread on election day, because election day in a small mid-western town in those days was a busy day for the constable and sheriff. My papa was the sheriff, but had been the constable, too. One was elected, the other was appointed. He dressed, put on his gun, and said, 'Well, guess I'll get going, Emma. I'm gonna arrest the first son-of-a-bitch I find drunk today!' My mama said he came home for lunch and seemed sort of down. When she spoke of it, he said, 'Emma. Remember what I said at breakfast?' 'Yes.' 'Well guess who the first drunk I ran into was? Joe!' (NOTE: that would be Joseph Schwartz, his baby brother) She said, 'Oh! John! How awful! What did you do?' He said, 'Well, I took him down and locked him in Nauseley's barn, Em. I couldn't put Joe in jail.'"

John and Emma had three children, Mabel Lillian Schwartz, 1896, Ruth Marie Schwartz, 1898, and Herbert Edward Schwartz, 1904. Herbie died at six months from pnemonia. Ruth Schwartz Driskell told this story of her little brother: "I had a baby brother that I loved very much. His name was Herbie and he was born in 1904 when I was only six years old. When Herbie was about six months old he got pneumonia and died. I also got pneumonia at the same time and could not go to Herbie's funeral. My Aunt Ida stayed home with me while the family went to the cemetery."

John Schwartz grew up at the family farm, located one mile due south of Elkville. The house and barn have burned and are no longer there. The above photo was taken in the summer of 1896. Mabel was also born here. In the photo, left to right, are Sam Schwartz [John's twin], John, younger brother Josiah "Joe" Schwartz, Ella Alice Schwartz Leming [an older sister] with her three children [John Edward Leming 1889 - William Albert Leming 1889 - Adda "Addie" Leming 1888] , Edward Schwartz [John's father], and Emeline Reno Schwartz [John's mother].

Map showing possible location of Edward Schwartz's Farm

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Every year, for years, the family would meet in August at the home of J.D. Hays to celebrate Sarah Schwartz's birthday. The articles to the left and above explain this, although the gathering in the photo above may have been any one of a number of such gatherings.

It should be noted that the house in both large photos above is the same house. Edward Schwartz died in 1904. His older brother William who had preceeded him in 1871 had married Sarah Kimmel and they had a daughter Ellen. Ellen married John Dudley Hays and the old Schwartz homestead became their home.

A young Edward Schwartz
1828 - 1904

Edward Schwartz a little later
1828 - 1904

Children of Edward Schwartz and Emeline Reno Schwartz:

Ella Alice Schwartz 		1861 	[William Leming]

Martha (Mattie) Ann Schwartz  	1863 	[William Kimmel]

William Allen Schwartz	 	1864

Edward Hiram Schwartz		1866

Mary Joanna (Mollie) Schwartz	1868 	[George Casleton]
Lucy Eva Schwartz	 	1870 	[Everett Casleton]
John Walter Schwartz	 	1877 	[Emma Catherine Tanner]
Samuel Marshal Schwartz		1877 	[Dollie Christiana Crews]

Josiah (Joe) Eli Schwartz	1878 	[Elizabeth "Lizzie" Heape]

Emeline Cecelia Reno Schwartz King
1837 - 1922
Edward Schwartz died in 1904, and Emeline married Freeman King in 1913 in Oraville, Illinois. Freeman King was previously married to Emeline's sister, Rebecca, who died in 1906.

Freeman King

Aunt Sophonoria Kimmels's 80th Birthday - July 1906

Sophronia Kimmel was born Snider, daughter of Solomon and Mary "Polly" Smith Snider. She married Isaac Kimmel. They are related a bit more distantly but they were family. If I figured it correctly, Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel, of Pearl Harbor fame, was a 3rd cousin to John Walter Schwartz....3rd cousin twice removed to the four children of Charles Henry Foertmeyer [II] MD.

Ruth Schwartz told this tale of W.D. Kimmel: "John Walter Schwartz was my daddy. One of his sisters, Mattie, married a well known man named W. D. Kimmel who was a horseman and perhaps the meanest man in Elkville. He raised and raced race horses and he was so mean to his children that his youngest son, Ned, ran away from home and came to live at our house. And he stayed; he loved his Aunt Em very much. He told us that his dad beat his horses to 'train' them and make them run and he said 'everyone knew it'. One day when we were visiting at his farm, my mother slipped into the stable and found horses with whelps and scars and marks from a whip. She found this 'training whip' and it was laced with a chain. She was furious! And when everyone was at dinner she excused herself, went outside and dropped the whip down the well! On our way home in the buggy we all nearly died laughing...and Bill Kimmel never did find that whip!"

Sam Schwartz - John Walter Schwartz's twin brother

Schwartz store in early Elkville [Click Photo to Enlarge]

Edward Schwartz's 1849 Colt Pocket Pistol - Purchased in 1851 for the purpose of protection, or so the family has always thought, for his trip to the California gold fields. According to Colt, the serial number being so low, this revolver was made during the first year of production.

Sarah Pyle Schwartz
Wife of Edward Schwartz I
Edward [1800 - 1843]     Sarah [1807 - 1895]
John Walter Schwartz's Grandparents
Children or Edward Schwartz and Sarah Pyle Schwartz:

1] William Schwartz	1826 	[Sarah Kimmel][daughter]**
2] Edward Schwartz	1828 	[Cecilia Emeline Reno] 

3] Isabella Schwartz	1830 	[Joseph Kimmel]
4] Eliza Schwartz	1833 	[Philip Kimmel]  
5] Horatio Schwartz	1835 	[Luana Browning]
6] Josiah Schwartz	1838 	[Elizabeth E. Watters] 

7] Hiram Schwartz	1841  

8] Elizabeth Schwartz	1843  

Children of George Schwartz [Edward's brother] and Sarah Pyle are:

1] Samuel Schwartz	1847 	[Sarah Jane Hackney] 

2] Mary A. Schwartz	1852 	[Robert J. McElvain]

William Schwartz
** Daughter of William Schwartz and Sarah Kimmel was Ellen Schwartz who married John D. Hays. To that union was born a son, William Lawrence Hays who married Dorothy Evans. They are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri. Below are their markers:

William Lawrence Hays

Dorothy Evans Hays

Josiah Schwartz

Josiah and Elizabeth Watters Schwartz

Hiram Schwartz

Young Josiah Schwartz

Horatio and Luana Browning Schwartz
Buried in Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, ID

Eliza Schwartz Kimmel

Hiram Schwartz - Elkville - 1906

Elizabeth "Bess" Schwartz

Mary Schwartz McElvain

Elizabeth Watters Schwartz

Ruth's Parents - John Walter Schwartz & Emma Tanner Schwartz

Emma Catherine Tanner Schwartz   [1879 - 1918]

John Uriah Tanner - Emma's father

John Uriah Tanner 1913

John and Cynthia Clementine Eaton Tanner - Emma's Parents

Flora [L] and Emma Tanner [R] - sisters

The Tanner Sisters
[L to R] Ida Jane Tanner Haenny, Emma Catherine Tanner Schwartz, Mary Ellen Tanner Brown,
Flora Elizabeth Tanner Helms, and Anna Belle Tanner Dowell

November 21, 1904

December 9, 1912

February 27, 1918

February 21, 1918

April 7, 1909

July 8, 1912

March 1, 1923

Ruth and Mabel watching a baseball game

Ruth Schwartz [front row-second from left] at Sunday School c.1909

Tall, bearded man in rear center is Hiram Schwartz, brother of Edward

This group of boys includes Ike Counce, who for a time was married to Mabel Schwartz
and the father of still-born Jewel Counce [Mabel's "dead born" baby], as her mother called the infant.

This is Charles Albert Diveley, born September 25, 1856 died January 27, 1936.

He was born in Illinois and died in Baxter Springs, Kansas. He is a great nephew of our first Edward Schwartz. Edward's sister, Juliana married Michael Diveley, and their son Edward is the father of Charles. Edward, was killed by Kaw Indians while traveling the Santa Fe Trail near Lyons, Kansas.

Charles Albert Diveley

Charles R. Diveley

Harriet Diveley, daughter of
Julianna Schwartz Diveley
This is is Schwartz ancestral home - Neckargemünd, Germany
Near Heidelburg