The Breitfeld/Mente/Dotzauer saga in America began on September 25, 1849 when they arrived in New York aboard the steamship Rhine. Ship's records show that the arrivals were:

                              F.W. Breitfeld            41    M      [1808]
                              Wilhelmina Breitfeld      37    F      [1812]     
                              August Wilhelm            13    M      [1837]
                              Julie                      8    F      [1841]
                              Augusta Pauline**          5    F      [1843]  
                              Ludwig "Louis"             3    M      [1846]
                              Carl Edward                1    M      [1848]

                              Born after arrival in US in 1849:

                              Wilhelmina "Minnie"++           F      [1851]
                              John                            M      [1853]


                             **Augusta Pauline Wed George Dotzauer
                                 1843-1930    1864    1845-1878

                                          1) Louis E. Dotzauer    Saddler   1866-1940
                                             Rose Stallman M 1893           1874-1952
                                                  Carrie Dotzauer                      1896-1972
                                                  Helen Dotzauer                       1897-1898
                                                  Marie Dotzauer Shelton               1905-1994
                                                    M Aultman B. Shelton MD            1900-1965
                                          2) Fred Dotzauer                  1870-1887
                                          3) Barbara Dotzauer               1877-1880
                                              Buried in her father's grave
                             ++Wilhelmina "Minnie"  Wed  Louis Mente
                                 1851-1927                1842-1874

                                          1) Louis Mente                    1867-1868
                                          2) William F. Mente MB            1869-1941
                                                M Margaret Puthoff          1875-1949
                                          3) Augusta Mente Motz             1873-1957
                                                M Clemens Henry Motz        1869-1925

This is not intended to be a history or complete compilation of the Dotzauer family, but rather its connection to my Mente family. Wilhelmina "Minnie" Breitfelt [1851] married Louis E. Mente MD. in c.1871 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Minnie's older sister, Augusta Pauline [1843], married Georg Dotzauer in 1864:

Minnie Mente and Augusta Dotzauer were sisters, the daughters of Rev. Frederich Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Breitfeld, German immigrants. They came to the US between the births of Augusta and Minnie [1849]. Minnie's family is described on the main page of this site. This page relates to Augusta and her extended family.

Augusta's husband, Georg Dotzauer, is buried only with their daughter Barbara, who did not reach her third birthday having died from typhoid fever. Barbara, having died in 1880, was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery [Sec.16 Lot 0 Space 184] in her father's grave. Georg died in 1878, and from the cause of death (inebriety pneumonia) it would appear that Georg was a habitual drunkard. At any rate, I could not find their marker. I found the marker of Ernst August Kuhn, however, which is space 183, next to Georg and Barbara's grave [184]. As one can see there are no other markers next to Mr. Kuhn's on any side. In this photo, Georg's space 184 should be right behind August's marker.
To this union were born three children:

Louis E. Dotzauer         1866 - 1940***
Barbara Dotzauer          1877 - 1880     Typhoid Fever [ 2]
Frederich S. Dotzauer     1870 - 1887     Pneumonia     [17]

***Louis E. Dotzauer married Rose Stallman in 1893.

And to this union were born five daughters:

Carrie A.      1895-1972  Spring Grove Sec.  72 Lot 95     Never Married [?]
Helen          1897-1898  Spring Grove Sec.  72 Lot 95     Died an infant
Laura L.       1899-1963  Spring Grove Sec. 119 Lot 231    Married John A. Albrecht   1928
Norma K.       1902-1963  Spring Grove Sec.  88 Lot 164-O  Married Walter A. Juergens 1930
Marie M.       1905-1994  Spring Grove Sec.  72 Lot 95     Married Aultman B. Shelton 1952***

***[Aultman's 2nd marriage-1st wife Amy died 1950 - Burried Spring Grove Sec. 127 Lot 99-N]

Spring Grove Sec. 119 Lot 231

Spring Grove Sec. 88 Lot 164-O

Spring Grove Sec. 119 Lot 231

Spring Grove Sec. 88 Lot 164-O

Spring Grove Sec. 119 Lot 231

Spring Grove Sec. 88 Lot 164-O

Burried in the Dotzauer Plot next to Marie

Marie has no marker. She lies between Aultman
and her sister Carrie.

Louis E. Dotzauer's Daughter

Louis E. Dotzauer's Daughter

Spring Grove Sec. 119 Lot 231

John A. Albrecht's Father

John A. Albrecht's Mother

Walter A. Juergens's Father

Walter A. Juergens's Mother
Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH
Sec.88 Lot 164-O

Walter A. Juergens's Father
Rome Cemetery, Rome, NY
Plot: Sec.J Lot 132

Andrew [Andreas] Dotzauer, brother of George Dotzauer who was the husband of Augusta Breitfeld. Augusta was the sister of Wilhelmina "Winnie" Mente who was the wife of Louis Mente

Front side of Monument. The right side had an inscription for his wife, which is nearly impossible to read, but clear enough to see that it is Maria [Kornmeier] Dotzauer 1836 - 1897

Maria Dotzauer
Below the image to the left there several lines of text that are totally impossible to read. Perhaps they are the list of Dotzauers who are buried under this one monumment:

Cathy            1846-1905    
relationship not known

Frederick S.     1871-1887    
George & Augusta's son

John             1843-1889    
Elizabeth Siebenthaler Dotzauer's husband

John George      1841-1914    
John & Eliz. Siebenthaler Dotzauer's son

Phillip John     1896-1897    
Phillip G. & Kate Herzberger Dotzauer's son

Or perhaps the lines are just a verse...