Ancestry of the Family Förtmeier
With a Focus on Spring Grove Cemetery

Where more than one hundred Foertmeyers
and their kin are resting

Purchased 1864

Förtmeier Church Records from Loccum

Förtmeier Church Records from Lavelsloh



Special Section
Why the Mass Emigration from Germany


Foertmeyer Family Pictorial Tree

The Foertmmeyer Name Origin - The Förthof

The Mente Family

The Seinecke Family

The Leicht Family

List of Foertmeyer and Mente Immigrants
and How and When They Came
... and More


The Mente Connection


Foertmeyer, Mente, Seinecke, Rocklin, Wagner, Leicht, Leurck, Reum, Knoblaugh, Burt, Yount, Buttemiller, Motz, Cottrell,
Treinen, Driskell, Schweinlin,
Schwartz, Thüme, and Maienschein

Distribution of Family Names in Germany

This record has been compiled by Charles H. Foertmeyer III, with information also provided by Gayle Marie Foertmeyer Putt, to attempt to shed a little light on who of our Foertmeyer and Driskell family are located here, and precisely where they are buried. Furthermore, I have included the families we have heard mentioned all our lives into which Foertmeyer women married. After all, these were the families that our family associated with and, at that time, considered family as well.


This is not intended to be a complete history; however cemetery interment cards can be an interesting source of information, such as the names of parents, spouses, cause of death, and residence address. Therefore, each person’s name in this record is a link to their interment card, home, and photograph, if available. If the individual does not have an individual page, you will be taken to the page upon which they appear.

Of course, as with many projects, this project grew beyond its scope to include relatives and friends of the family wherever I found them. It even became the receptacle of information for extended families, as well.

For quick look-up, the alphabetical surname index contains most of the names you will come across in this project. For those unfamiliar with the family, just browsing through the site is probably the best way to get a handle on it.

I have searched the Hamilton County Ohio Marriage Indexes in search of all relatives and ancestors listed there. The index leads one to the actual marriage license application and marriage return. To view all of those I was able to locate, CLICK HERE
How the Foertmeyers Came From Germany and where they Settled
How the Foertmeyers Came From Germany and where they Settled

Family Group Photos

Making Sense of Spring Grove Burials

Section 39 Lot 136:
Foertmeyer / Wagner / Reum

Spring Grove Map





Unfortunately, there is only one individual marker in the Foertmeyer, Wagner, and Reum Lot. I suppose these three families felt it sufficient to mark their passing with just one monument marker bearing their surnames. This, despite there being 30 individuals burried here.


The oldest members of the family can be found here. We start with Doris Georg Förtmeier who came to America in 1861. she was preceeded by several Förtmeiers, the first of which, and not buried here, was Georg Eduard Förtmeier, her first son and third child, coming here in 1846 on the ship Johann George. At the end of this document is a complete list of the Förtmeier children, both those eight who came to the USA and those three who remained in Germany. Immediately below are just those buried in Section 39 Lot 136.

When surfing through this document you will click on links that take you to each person's interment card page. Those page background colors mean something; the light cream color is for Foertmeyers or their direct descendants. The light green backgrounds indicate someone who married into the Foertmeyer family. The light blue background denotes adopted or married an adopted Foertmeyer.

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Johann Friedrich FöRTMEIER - b.1775 in Loccum
m. 1797 Catharine Elisabeth MELL - b.1779 in Loccum - d.1854 in Bohnhorst
    German records show (so far) two offspring... 

1) Dietrich Friedrich Wilhelm Förtmeier 1798-1861 m. Doris Georg Förtmeier 1802-1864
2) Marie Luise Förtmeier 1799-xxxx m.(1826) Friedrich Wilhelm Moeller 1806-xxxx

In the embedded chart below there are three "EXPAND" notes after the names of three ancestors. They indicate that there is a page that expands that person's downline. Here are the links to those family's downlines:

        Adolph W. Förtmeier.....

        Emma Förtmeier Wagner...

        Bertha Förtmeier Reum...
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@@ The family story is that his nanny set him on a wall while she talked to the beat cop. He fell and suffered fatal injuries. However, Spring Grove records say he died of spinal meningitis. He is found interred at Spring Grove cemetery in the Foertmeyer/Reum/Wagner plot.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer, 10 Aug 1882: On Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock, Edward William, infant son of Louis C and Marie Foertmeyer, age 2 yr. 2 mo. Funeral from residence no. 113 Mill St. on Friday at 2 p.m.

Anna Wunder Foertmeyer  1

     Robert Simpson Cassat
     Katherine Kelso Johnston
     Mary Stevenson Cassatt --------sib-------- John W. Cassatt
                                                Susanna Wunder --------sib-------- William Wunder
                                                                                   Louise Dowble Wunder
                                                                                   Anna Marie Wunder Foertmeyer
                                                                                   William Louis Foertmeyer 



The large numbers in the diagram below pertain to the numbered name in the tree branch above

Emma Foertmeyer Charles Schutz Jennie Reum Eda Weiss Adolph W. Foertmeyer Elizabeth Foertmeyer Doris Foertmeyer Adam Reum H.F. Reum Emma D. Reum Otto H. Reum Bertha Foertmeyer Reum Charlotte L. Foertmeyer Adolphus Foertmeyer Clara Foertmeyer William Louis Foertmeyer Anna Wunder Foertmeyer Edward W. Foertmeyer Steffan Wagner Wlliam S. Wagner Bertha D. Wagner H.A. Wagner Edwin Wagner Arther Reum Emma Foertmeyer Wagner Former Grave of Georg Henry  Foertmeyer Herman O. Reum Charles Herman Reum Frank Reum William F. Weiss William F. Weiss Berta Schutz Berta Weiss Schutz Emma D. Reum Otto H. Reum William J. Weiss


The photo above shows approximately the area of the plot into which thirty relatives are buried. Some of the graves are contained within one another, as shown in the diagram, and some of the individual graves are very small; the graves in the diagram are not to scale. All in all, it is a crowded plot, yet there are still two graves available for any direct descendant of anyone currently interred there.

This is an Excel file showing graphically who came to America and when, and who, including offspring, and who were all here together... CLICK HERE

Section 113 Lot 8

No Monument







Charles Henry Foertmeyer MD C(iv)
Virginia Louise Driskell Foertmeyer
1917 – 2011
1921 – 2002

Charles Henry Foertmeyer MD [II]

Virginia Louise Driskell Foertmeyer

Foertmeyer - Treinen
Oak Hill Cemetery
Section: 19K       Lot: 1265

Mary Elisa Treinen
Nikki's Sister

Natalie "Nikki" Treinen Foertmeyer
01 JAN 1957 - 18 AUG 2018
Tom's Wife

Thomas Heston Foertmeyer
20 FEB 1955
Nikki's Husband


Nikki and Tom

Read More About the Extended Foertmeyer Family





Louis Charles Foertmeyer A(xi)


Marie S. Mente Foertmeyer  A(xi)s

1849 – 1914


1845 – 1925

Son of Doris Georg Foertmeyer







Charles George Foertmeyer MD  B(i)

Marriage License Application

Blanche Cole Foertmeyer

1871 – 1947


1875 – 1965

Son of Louis and Marie


“Grandma Foertmeyer”






Edna Wilhelmina Foertmeyer Emerson B(iii)

Eugene George Foertmeyer B(iv)

1882 – 1918

1885 – 1928

Marriage License Application

Married Frederick Wilson Emerson

Married  Mae Rocklin

1881 – 1969

No Children



From diary of Blanche Cole Foertmeyer:

Oct.  7, 1918:  Our baby (Charles Henry Foertmeyer) has the flu, fever 103. Dr. Neitus attending. Charles G. out with Edna & children - all very ill.


Oct. 14, 1918:  No hope for Edna. Brought Blanche & Chas. here. Edna died 5:23 P.M. was just 36 years old last Aug. The flu spreading. Schools and other places closed.







William Edward Foertmeyer B(v)


Carrie Virginia Ferguson Evans Foertmeyer

1889 – 1968
1892 – 1972

“Uncle Will”


“Aunt Carrie”


Carrie Virginia Evans was born a "Ferguson" but was adopted by her grandparents, Charles W. Evans and Sarah Anderson Evans. Carrie's mother died shortly after her birth. Her father, John C. Ferguson, traveled for a living and felt he could not care for an infant. Therefore, she was adopted by her maternal grandparents.







Louis Edward Foertmeyer C(i)

Nellie M. Swann

1899 – 1965

1903 – 1960         no children

“Uncle Louie”

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk City, Virginia


Louis served in the Army during WWI, but his enlistment lasted only a short time before the war ended. He was honorably discharged on December 20, 1918. He attended the University of Cincinnati for a couple of months before giving up college and traveling to New York to work for the Dalton Adding Machine Co. He returned home shortly after when he became ill, and upon recovering, again joined the army. He was briefly married (December 22, 1924...noted in Blanche's diary) to Nellie Swann, but she didn't want to move away from Norfolk, and Louis didn't want to stay, so they separated. Louis never remarried and never had children.







Alma Grace Foertmeyer Burt C(ii)

Marriage License Application

Robert Victor Burt

1902 – 1975


1900 – 1982

“Aunt Alma”


“Uncle Bob”





Marie Elenore Foertmeyer Knoblaugh C(iii)

Marriage License Application

Armand Frank Knoblaugh

1908 – 1988


1903 – 1984

“Aunt Mimi”


“Uncle Armand”


Section 113 Lot 320

Foertmeyer / Rentz






Charles H Foertmeyer M.D. A(viii)

Marriage License Application

Rosa Rentz Foertmeyer

1841 – 1912


1844 – 1918

Son of Doris Georg Foertmeyer






Julia A. Rentz

1846 – 1932

Rosa’s Younger Sister

 Section 114 Lot 144D




The Driskell branch of the family comes from Garland and Ruth Driskell, parents of Virginia Louise Driskell Foertmeyer. To their grandchildren they were affectionately known at Boo Boo and Granddaddy.




Garland Driskell
1893 – 1960
Ruth Marie Schwartz Driskell
1898 – 1989

Section 101 Lot 473

Carrie Virginia Ferguson Evans Foertmeyer's Family

John C. Ferguson**
Carrie Foertmeyer's Father
Sarah Anderson's son first marriage
1869 - 1907

Virginia Estella Joynes Ferguson**
Carrie Foertmeyer's Mother
1873 - 1892

Sarah Anderson Evans
Carrie Foertmeyer's Grandmother
1842 - 1925

Charles W. Evans
Carrie Foertmeyer's Step-Grandfather
1841 - 1930

Josephine F. Evans
Carrie Foertmeyer's Aunt
1866 - 1886

**Although born Fergusons, the two children apparently adopted the Evans name

Although there are two graves earmarked
for Helen and Philip Williams at Spring
Grove, they were actually laid to rest in
Evergreen Cemetery, 25 Alexandria Pike,
Southgate, Kentucky (Sec-16, lot-89 W1/2)

Philip Dowe Williams
Carrie Foertmeyer's Uncle by Marriage
1885 - 1976

Helen Evans Williams
Carrie Foertmeyer's Aunt
1886 - 1970


        Sarah Anderson Ferguson (1842 - 1925)  M  John Ferguson (Sarah's 1st Marriage)
                Daughter) Josephine Ferguson Evans (1866 - 1886)
               Son)      John C. Ferguson        (1869 - 1907)  M   Virginia Estella Joynes Ferguson (1873 - 1892)
                              Daughter) Carrie V. Foertmeyer (1892 - 1972)  M  William E. Foertmeyer (1889 - 1968)
        Sarah Anderson Ferguson Evans (1842 - 1925) M  Charles W. Evans (1841 - 1930)(Sarah's 2nd Marriage)
               Daughter) Helen Evans Williams (1886 - 1970)  M  Philip Dowe Williams (1885 - 1976) 
               Carrie Virginia Foertmeyer was raised by her grandparents, as her mother died as a result of
               Carrie's birth, and her father left her upbringing to Charles and Sarah Evans, her grandmother
               and her step-grandfather. This is reflected in the 1900 and 1910 Federal Censuses:
Name:                          Carrie S Evans
Age:                           8
Birth Date:                    Mar 1892
Birthplace:                    West Virginia
Home in 1900:                  Highland, Kentucky
Race:                          White
Gender:                        Female
Relation to Head of House:     Granddaughter
Marital Status:                Single
Father's Birthplace:           Ohio
Mother's Birthplace:           Ohio
Occupation:                    View on Image
Household Members:
Name                   Age
Charles W Evans        57
Sarah A Evans          55
Helen M Evans          13
Carrie S Evans         8
Minnie Kleinsmith      19
Name:                           Carrie V Evans          
1910:                           18
Birth Year:                     abt 1892
Birthplace:                     Virginia
Home in 1910:                   Campbell, Kentucky
Race:                           White
Gender:                         Female
Relation to Head of House:      Granddaughter
Marital Status:                 Single
Father's Birthplace:            Ohio
Mother's Birthplace:            Ohio
Neighbors:                      View others on page
Household Members:
Name                     Age
Charles W Evans          66
Sarrah A Evans           64
Carrie V Evans           18
Mary Muller              48



Garden Mausoleum

Dorothy E. Foertmeyer
1923 - 2003




Section 72 Lot 159

Foertmeyer / Devou







William Charles Foertmeyer A(v)

M Emily Catherine “Amelia”

Ottilia Foertmeyer

1834 – 1907

Bultmann Foertmeyer

1861 – 1897

Older brother of Louis Charles

1838 – 1909

Marriage License Application Index

Never married






Nellie Foertmeyer Devou

George N. Devou

Alice Devou

1867 – 1959

1869 – 1934

1897 – 1963

Daughter of William C .


Granddaughter of William C.

George N. DeVou [ who married Nellie Foertmeyer ] was the nephew of William P. DeVou, Jr. who donated the land for Devou Park along with Charles DeVou ( who was, I believe, his brother).

Birth: Jul. 18, 1855     Death: Dec. 8, 1937

William P. Devou, Jr. was born in 1855 at Ninth and Race Streets, Cincinnati to William P. Devou, a wholesale milliner, and Sarah Ogden Devou. This photo was taken in 1870 when William was 15, before he was sent to Germany for his high school and college education. When he returned he became a bookkeeper for his father and later entered the real estate business where he accumulated considerable property. At one time his holdings were estimated to be $6,000,000. Even with his wealth and property he was an eccentric recluse. He lived in a storeroom and spent little on clothes or ammenities. He had few friends. He personally collected rent from his tenants. He was close to his parents, and in their memory, donated the family farm, Devou Park, to the city of Covington, KY. Devou died of pneumonia in 1937 and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, section 52, lot 140. The bulk of his million dollar estate was left to the city of Covington for the upkeep of Devou Park.
William P. Devou, Jr.

William P. Devou, Jr. Cemetery Card
1855 - 1937

Young William P. Devou, Jr.

Charles P. Devou

Charles P. Devou
1858 - 1922





Section 122 Lot 81

Foertmeyer / Konnersman




Clara D. Konnersman Foertmeyer

Ethel M. Campbell Foertmeyer

M     Walter John Foertmeyer

1855 - 1940
Second wife of

1896 – 1980

1891 – 1968

Adolph W. Foertmeyer A(iv)



Son of Adolph W. Foertmeyer A(iv)

and Clara D. Konnersman Foertmeyer







Historical Note

Walter J. Foertmeyer

Louisa Konnersman


1928 – 1972

1849 – 1928


Son of

Sister of


Ethel M. Campbell Foertmeyer

and Walter John Foertmeyer

Clara D. Konnersman




	     Charlotte L.                    1877-1883     Spring Grove Sec. 39 Lot 136	
	     Adolphus William                1879-1944     Spring Grove Sec. 60 Lot 25A
	     Robert                          1888-1968     Unknown
	     Clara    (Twin Sister of John)  1891-1891     Spring Grove Sec. 39 Lot 136    
             Walter John                     1891-1968     [See Above]

The mystery here on this plot is that there is only one marker. It seems to fit, on the surface, but it does not match up with the cemetery records at all. The spelling of the last name is different. It fits closest to Louisa Konnersman, although the first name is only an initial, which appears to be an I, not an L. Her parents were John and Mary Konnersman, so that doesn’t provide an explanation either. Also, although close, the dates are slightly different than those stated for Louisa. If this isn’t supposed to be Louisa, then even the cemetery doesn’t know who it is.







Section 60 Lot 25A

Foertmeyer / Hoffschneider




Adolphus W. “Dolph” Foertmeyer MD

   M        Marie Teresa Hoffschneider Foertmeyer

1879 – 1944

1873 – 1958

Hamilton County Coroner









Section 60 Lot 21A





Adolph W. “Duff” Foertmeyer

1921 – 1990

Never Married

Son of Adolphus “Dolph” Foertmeyer



Section 131 Lot F

Foertmeyer / Schweinlin


Lee Hearne Taylor

1915 – 1983
Graceland Cemetery Sidney, Ohio
First Husband of Maree Foertmeyer
Father of Kim Taylor Westendorf (Greg)

Maree Foertmeyer Schweinlin

1920 – 1996
Daughter of Adolphus W. “Dolph” Foertmeyer
Sister of Adolph W. “Duff” Foertmeyer

Frederick H. Schweinlin

1923 – 1996
Second Husband of Maree Foertmeyer
Maree Foertmeyer and Adolph “Duff” Foertmeyer were adoptive children of Adolphus and Marie Foertmeyer. They were, however, natural brother and sister who were adopted from the orphanage at the same time. Their birth mother’s maiden name was Bessie May Smith.

1891 - 1962     1892 - 1967

Buried in Vine Street Hill Cemetery are Frederick's parents, Frederick Schweinlin and Alma Pauline Rabe Schweinlin. They are located in Section 22 Plot 12

Jacob Frederick Schweinlin     -     Margareta Theisinger Schweinlin
1869 - 1950                                     1873 - 1950

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery are Frederick's grandparents, Jacob Frederick Schweinlin and Margareta Theisinger Schweinlin. They are located in Section 7 Plot 2040

Rosa Schweinlin
1897 – 1905

Karl & Margaret M. Schweinlin
1909 - 2002       1912 - 1995
Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, are Jacob and Margareta's daughter Rosa who is located in Section 9 Lot 4395. Their other son, Karl Schweinlin, and his wife Margaret Klink, are located in St. Joseph's New Cemetery. They are entombed in the outdoor mausoleum; Nativity Terrace Crypt F-105.





Section 100 Lot 341





Not buried in Spring Grove, but the parents and grandparents to some of the following Mentes are William Heinrich Mente and Elizabeth Sophia Fricke Mente. Marie Mente Foertmeyer (Section 113 Lot 8) was born to Heinrich Wilhelm Mente and his first wife, Wilhelmena Dorthea Fricke. There were 4 children: Louis, Betti, Marie, and Adolph. Betti and Adolph were somehow "retarded" or disabled. In his will, Wilhelm left most of his estate to their care. When Wilhelmena died, he married her sister, Marie Wilhelmine Sophie Henrietta Fricke. They had 9 more children: Emil, William, Alvin, EUGENE, Charles , Elise Bertha "Otillie", Karl Julius, Richard, and Emilie. Any of these children buried in Spring Grove will have their mother's name below their listing in green type.


Wilhelm Heinrich Mente

Marie Wilhelmena Sophie
Henrietta Fricke Mente


Wilhelm Heinrich Mente

When Herr Mente died, most of his children were living in the United States. Having never immigrated himself, his funeral was held in Germany and this photo was taken to send to his children abroad who could not attend.

In the chart below, the two Fricke sisters were actually half-sisters, having the same father [Johann Heinrich Tiede Fricke] like the Mente children did, but also like the Mente children, their mothers were half-sisters. Dorothea Fricke's mother was Dorothee Auguste Habichhorst, and Henrietta Fricke's mother was Marie Charlotte Habichhorst. Johann Tiede Fricke was a forester in Harpstedt (Eugene Mente said he was a forester for the King of Hannover), his bride was Catherine Marie Charlotte Habichhorst.

This chart shows the two wives of Wilhelm Heinrich Mente [they were half-sisters]
and which of his thirteen children were born to each, and the order of their births






Louis H. Mente MD


Wilhelmina “Minnie” Breitfeld Mente

1842 – 1874
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente


1851 – 1927

Brother of Marie S. Mente Foertmeyer





Cincinnati Enquirer (1872-1922); Feb 19, 1888





Section 31A Lot 0

A Mente Aside






Welhelmina Breitfeld

M         Rev.  Fred Wilhelm Breitfeld

1812 – 1901

1808 – 1892





This is where cemetery records show Eddie lies, with his grandparents
Breitfeld and his mother's sister, Aunt Augusta Dotzauer.


Edwin “Eddie” Mente

1880 – 1888
Grandson of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente
Son of Louis H. Mente


Edwin Space 227 – Fred Breitfeld Space 232 – Wilhelmina Space 230

Augusta Breitfeld Dotzauer Space 228 (Daughter of Wilhelmina Breitfeld and sister of Minnie Breitfeld Mente)
There is no record for a Space 229 or Space 231

Augusta Breitfeld Dotzauer and Expanded Family




Louis Mente

1867 – 1868
Grandson of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente
Son of Louis H. Mente

Section 29 Lot 0 Space 469






Section 100 Lot 341

Mente (Continued)









Mary Conard Mente


Emil Arnold Mente

1852 – 1912


1850 – 1930
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente



Brother of Richard W. Mente






Richard W. Mente

William H. Mente

1867 – 1894 (26 years)
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

1853 – 1927
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

Died in a Fall in Colorado

Brother of Emil Alvin Mente

Died in a Fall from a Train






Emil Alwin Mente

Alvin W. Mente

1912 – 1912
Great Grandson of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

1855 – 1932
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

Grandson of Emil Arnold Mente

Son of W.B. Mente & Sadie Kendall Mente

Brother of Emil Arnold Mente





Julius C. Mente

Eugene W. Mente

1861 – 1934
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

1857 – 1951
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

Brother of Emil Alvin Mente

Brother of Emil Alvin Mente




Charles B. Mente

1859 – 1903
Son of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente

Brother of Emil Alvin Mente

Middle Name "Bodo" meaning in Old German - The Messenger








William F. Mente MD


Margaret Puthoff Mente

1869 – 1941
Grandson of Wilhelmena Dorothea Fricke Mente

Son of Louis H. Mente MD

and Minnie Breitfeld Mente


1875 – 1949

Mente Farm in Negenborn, Germany

Mentes Buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery
686 Mount Moriah Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Section 1 Lot 270

William Benjamin Mente
1881 - 1965
Grandson of Marie Wilhelmena Sophie Henrietta Fricke Mente
Son of Emil Arnold Mente

Sadie Kendall Mente

1886 - 1970

Wood Kendall
1862 - 1953
Sadie's Uncle James Woodruff Kendall

Ida Kendall
1866 - 1961
Sadie's Aunt Ida May Kendall
Although William Benjamin Mente and his wife Sadie Kendall Mente are not buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, William is one of the only Mente offspring in America not interred there. Furthermore, their infant son is buried in the Mente plot at Spring Grove as well. Little Emil Alwin died at birth. To my knowledge, William and Sadie had no other children.

Note:   To locate this family, Click Here       To view family record, Click Here

Related Kendall's Buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery
686 Mount Moriah Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Section 12 Lot 426

John Kendall
1854 - 1939
Father of Sadie Kendall Mente

Ellen Kendall
1856 - 1939
Sadie Kendall Mente's Mother

Florence Marjorie Kendall
1890 - 1963
Sadie's Sister

Carrie Kendall Tharp
1877 - 1925
Sadie's Sister

Clarence Kendall
1899 - 1899
Sadie's Uncle James Woodruff Kendall

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Spring Grove Cemetery
Section 100 Lot 345
Motz, and Cottrell
[Immediately to the right of the Mente Plot]

Augusta Mente Motz
Sister of William F. Mente MD
Granddaughter of Wilhelmena Dorothea Fricke Mente
1873 - 1957


Clemens Henry Motz
Husband of Augusta
1870 - 1925

Julius "Jack" Mente, Marie Mente Foertmeyer, Blanche Cole Foertmeyer, Clemons Henry Motz, and Augusta Mente Motz
New Orleans - 1910

Philip R. Cottrell
Husband of Lucille M. Motz Cottrell
1896 - 1978


Lucille M. Cottrell
Daughter of Clemens and Augusta Mente Motz
1899 - 1976

J. Louis Motz
Son of Clemens and Augusta Mente Motz
1894 - 1961

Henry H. Cottrell
Son of Philip R Cottrell and Lucille Mente Cottrell
1924 - 1957

Cemetery Records     Original Papers

     This is a recap of information listed above on this page, and then a continuation
     of that information.

     My great grandmother, Marie Mente Foertmeyer [1845-1925], had several brothers 
     among which was Louis H. Mente MD [1842-1874].

     Somewhere around 1865 or so, Louis married Wilhelmina "Minnie" Breitfeld [1851-1927].

     Louis and Minnie had a son named Louis who lived from December 1867 to February 1868, 
     exactly two months. A living son was born to them as well; William F. Mente [1869-1941]. 
     William married Margaret Puthoff [1875-1949]. William and Margaret Puthoff had no children. 
     Louis and Minnie also had a daughter, Augusta E. Mente Motz. This is who we are following 
     right here and now. 

     Augusta E. Mente [1873-1957] married Clemens H. Motz [1870-1975] on September 6, 1893. 
     To this couple was born a daughter named Lucille [1899-1976]. Lucille married Philip 
     Rutherfoord Cottrell [1896-1956]. Their son, Henry H. Cottrell [1924-1957] married 
     Edna Mae Clark [1923-2006] in 1946. He reportedly jumped from a window in New York City, 
     as shown on his interment card, but there was some speculation as to whether or not it was 
     simply a fall by accident.  

     Augusta and Clemens also had a son, John Louis Motz [1894-1961], who married a first 
     wife, Dorothy Blagg Motz [1895-1974] on April 19, 1916. 

     To this union  were born two daughters, Margaret M. Motz [1923-    ], and Elizabeth 
     Motz Sanders [1917-    ].                                 

John Louis Motz's First Wife

John Louis Motz

Margaret Motz Meyer [daughter of John Louis Motz]
Walter H. Meyer [husband of Margaret Motz Meyer]

son of Walter and Margaret Meyer




Section 72 Lot 44









Clara L. Foertmeyer Buttemiller A(iv)1i

Marriage License Application

John Christian Buttemiller MD

1858 – 1935


1853 – 1934
Son of George Buttemiller I

Daughter of A.W. Foertmeyer & Elizabeth Kirchoff







George S. Buttemiller MD


Erna VonBargen Buttemiller

1878 – 1966
Son of John C. Buttemiller MD


1885 – 1973





George Buttemiller I
Father of John C. Buttemiller MD


Mary T. Rentz Buttemiller

1820 – 1855


1830 – 1916




Section 101 Lot 221


First Person Buried in Clegg Plot





Georg Heinrich “George” Foertmeyer

1850 – 1877

27 Years (Consumption)



Henrietta Fike Foertmeyer Clegg

1850 – 1923

George Heinrich Foertmeyer married Henrietta Fike in ____. To them, on October 13, 1876, a daughter was born, whom they named Lillian Elizabeth. On March 8, 1877 George succomed to tuberculosis, leaving Henrietta and their four month old Lillian behind. George was buried in the Foertmeyer family plot at Spring Grove Cemetery (Section 39 Lot 136 Space 11. In 1885 George was moved to the John Joseph Clegg plot and placed in Space 1. He was the first person to be buried in this plot. Apparently, Henrietta must have loved him very much, because she had herself laid to rest between George and her second husband of many years, John Joseph Clegg. Both had preceeded her in death, John having been killed when he was struck by a streetcar at Main and Canal.

George, having been buried in the Foertmeyer plot would have been in an unmarked grave. None of the original thirty-some graves are individually marked. Being that George's headstone matches both Henrietta's and John's in style and content, I think it safe to say that Henrietta arranged for and paid for a personal stone for George.

George and Henrietta's daughter, Lillian Foertmeyer, was raised in the Clegg household and sometime around 1900 married Dr. Edward Guinn. More can be read about this family at the Lillian Foertmeyer link below.




Lillian Foertmeyer Guinn Information

Born:   October 13, 1876 in Hamilton County, Ohio
Died: November 6, 1951 in Los Angeles, California [not a certainty]

George was the illegitimate son of Dorothee Luise Förtmeier. His cemetery records show that his father's name was Henry Fortmeyer, but based on German records, George was illegitimate so Henry, if that is his father's name, would not have been Foertmeyer. George did immigrate, and lived in Cincinnati until his untimely death at age 27 of tuberculosis.


There were both Fortmeyers (meiers), and Förtmeyers (meiers) in this area of Germany. It seems that the two German ways of writing the names were Förtmeier and Fortmeier, pronounced distinctly differently. Americanized, the meier became meyer for both, but the Förtmeiers dropped the umlaut ö and replaced it with the diphthong oe which carried the same pronunciation.


The German Connection

Who Came, Who Stayed

Actual German Records



Dorothee Luise Förtmeier, B: 02 Jun 1826 in Essern, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. Mother of George H. who immigrated to Cincinnati D: 1881 Louisville, KY Buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville

Arrived New Orleans 1851 on ship Olbers - Traveled with younger sister Emma Förtmeier Wagner


Louise Mathilde Förtmeier, B: 10 Mar 1828 in Essern, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: Jun 1854 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Stayed in Germany


Georg Eduard Förtmeier, B: 21 Jul 1830 in Essern, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Immigrated to U.S. - Nothing more is known about this brother


Wilhelm Adolph (Adolphus William) Foertmeyer, B: 08 Jul 1832 in Bonhorst, Hanover,Germany, D: 07 Jul 1893 in Cincinnati, Ohio, M: Elizabeth Kirchoff, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


William Charles (Carl Wilhelm Förtmeyer) Foertmeyer, B: 19 Jun 1834 in Hannover, Germany, D: 19 Jun 1907 in Cincinnati, Ohio, M: Catherine Emily "Amelia" Bultman, 30 Aug 1858 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


Emma Louise Bertha Förtmeyer, B: 03 Apr 1837 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 07 Aug 1894 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Arrived New Orleans in 1851 on ship Olbers with older sister Dorothea - M: Steffan Wagner, 01 Nov 1860 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


Friedericke Bertha Förtmeyer, B: 24 Mar 1839 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 26 Jun 1904 in 3110 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH, M: Herman Frank Reum, 19 Dec 1860 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


Charles Henry (Carl Heinrich Förtmeyer) Foertmeyer M.D., B: 01 Mar 1841 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 30 Aug 1912 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH, M: Rosa Rentz, 03 Feb 1868 in Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


Anne Caroline Sophie Förtmeyer, B: 05 Mar 1843 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 14 Aug 1843 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Stayed in Germany


Louise Friedericke Förtmeyer, B: 29 Oct 1844 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 16 Feb 1847 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Stayed in Germany


Louis C. Foertmeyer, B: 28 Jul 1849 in Bohnhorst, Nienburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, D: 12 Jul 1914 in Cincinnati, Ohio, M: Marie Mente, Abt. 1870 in probably Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery

Great Grandfather to Charles H. III, Gayle Marie, Thomas Heston, and John Louis Foertmeyer


The above records come from the Lavelsloh Parish church records in Diepenau/Bohnhorst, Germany.





One thing I have noticed in working on this project, is that the vast majority of our German ancestors did not live in “Over the Rhine”. If you start checking out some of the addresses shown on the cemetery interment cards you’ll find they no longer exist. That is because most of our ancestors lived in Cumminsville (North Side) around Knolton’s Corner, or in the “West End” where I-75 plowed its way through their old neighborhoods. I have included some map links of old Cincinnati that you can follow to examine the street’s whereabouts back in the day that are under I-75 and its exchanges today.



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