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Faigle - Weiss

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Marie Faigle
1873 - 1957

Gotthilf Faigle
1871 - 1933

These are the maternal great grandparents of Mark Foertmeyer and Cindy Foertmeyer Sangenito; grandparents of Rita Lutz Foertmeyer.

Below are the birth cards of three Faigle children, Otillie, Helen and Gotthilf. According to the 1910 Federal Census there was also a younger son, Theodore. Gotthilf the son born in 1901 is missing from the 1910 US Census.

Mark and Cindy Foertmeyer's Grandmother

2406 Spring Grove Avenue has been razed

Both 1222 and 1223 Harrison Avenue are gone

1998 Queen City Avenue

Gotthilf: Derived from German Gott "God" and hilf "help". This name was created in the 17th century.

The Weiss Family
Vine Street Hill Cemetery

William J. Weiss was married to Ida L. Reum Weiss who is buried in the Foertmeyer/Wagner/Reum plot in Section 39 of Spring Grove Cemetery, which is exactly one mile driving distance away from Vine Street Hill Cemetery. William died in 1909 and Ida in 1917. Why Ida was not laid to rest next to her husband in Vine Street Hill is not known. Why he was not laid to rest in the Spring Grove plot to await Ida is likewise not known.
William J. Weiss
1860 - 1908
Husband of Ida L. Reum Weiss

Section 4 Lot 8 Space 4

The Weiss plot contains eleven individuals, including William J. Weiss. The only two individual markers are "Mother" and "Father" which belong to William's mother and father, Margaret Weiss and Heinrich G. Weiss. There is, however, an impressive monument in the plot, around which are buried all eleven people in a sixteen foot by sixteen foot area. Below the cemetery information there are photos included.

Although the following members of the Weiss family are buried at Spring Grove, they are not buried with Ida Weiss, daughter of Bertha Foertmeyer Reum, so I will place them on this page with the main Weiss family plot in Vine Street Hill Cemetery.

Section 127 Lot 69

Section 127 Lot 69

Section 7 Lot 1004

Section 7 Lot 1005

Section 127 Lot 69

Section 7 Lot 1809 & 1810

Marriage Certificate

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