Hopkins Street still exists, on both sides of the I-75 thoroughfare, but determining where 141.5 Hopkins Street was located is nearly impossible because of the city renumbering in 1896.

This is Louis Charles Foertmeyer's nephew. His mother, Louis's sister Dorothee Luise Förtmeier, never immigrated from Germany. She was the eldest of Louis's siblings.

He was moved to Section 101 Lot 221 Space 1 from the Foertmeyer / Wagner / Reum family plot. This plot is owned by John J. and Henrietta Elizabeth Fike Clegg. Through newspaper and census evidence, I found that Henrietta was originally married to Georg and was married to him at the time of his early death. He was buried in the Foertmeyer plot, but then Henrietta purchased her own plot and Georg was moved to it as the first burial there. He was moved on March 31, 1885, eight years after his death and interment in Foertmeyer Plot Section 39 Lot 136.

In the 1900 Census a 23 year old Lillian Foertmeyer was living in the John J. and Henrietta E. Fike Clegg household. Lillian was probably the daughter of Georg H. Foertmeyer and Henrietta Fike Foertmeyer, born the year before Georg's death.

Having never heard of Lillian Foertmeyer before, or whatever became of her, a search was conducted finding the following information.